My bike went on the beach ^^

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Hello Lovelies !

Here are some belated news of my holidays in Vendee, west France 🇫🇷

As today is #BeachWednesday,(a challenge run by @lizanomadsoul) I will share with you pictures of a beach in Noirmoutier that is a lovely peninsula in the french west coast


We had a wonderful weather during all the time of our stay here,

Not only sun but also some refreshing temperatures that were very welcome and appreciated after the hot weather we had in Annecy just before leaving the city for the holidays in my family in the west France


One day we drove to Noirmoutier and had the bikes behind the car....

we made a 40 km ride on our bikes through the peninsula, a beautiful time through wonderful landscapes and essentially the beach ones






How are you my lovely bees ? I hope you have a nice summer time and

I wish you to F9E62A834E304EFAB9CDBE84AE54B74C.gifwherever you are ;-)


And find also my paintings on my website !!



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Hi, Barbara! @barbara-orenya! I believe @uwelang had taken back his #BeachWednesday a while back.

I will admit, your beach pictures are very enticing! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday and got your exercise and fun, all in one trip. I love to cycle along the beach! I can smell the saltwater and hear the gulls calling me by name!!

Le sigh.

What a beautiful life.

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You are right, I heard a seagull call "Denise ! Denise !" 😁
I’m having great holidays and it.s the first time since 3 years that we took some vacations’ and the first time ever we take so long (2weeks) holidays 😊
Thank you my dear and 17FC50B9FC084E00864449AE43B707CA.png

Wow!! You are so pampered!! 💖

Wow, awesome pictures @barbara-orenya! #beachwednesday is an initiative from @uwelang 😉 I just curated it for some time! But thanks for the shoutout! Make sure to pin your posts on or share them in the Haveyoubeenhere community for some curation 😉

Thanks dear and sorry for the mistake, it has been a long time I did not use the tag and remembered it was initiated by @uwelang but thought you had taken it a long time ago...
I'd like to pin my posts on but don't really know how to do it since it is not steemitworrldmap

It works the same just at Here you have an explanation 👍

570E4AEFC4A241A990BE3072072AE598.png Lovelie !


It is so beautiful there! It looks like you are having a wonderful holiday so far. ❤️

Indeed, I have a wonderful time, and as I wrote it to Denise, this is the first time ever we take a two weeks vacation, can you believe it ? 🙃 well, we already went with the children when they were younger maybe one week or ten days but not more...
and I’m happy it is so far a fantastic experience 😉 I.m also glad I can share a little with my hive family , at the moment I.m writing the comments on my Ipad while my darling is driving the 🚗, direction now : Alsace ! 😁

One of my favorite parts of France, you know (Every part I have been to is actually a favorite!) Take lots of photos for us!
I'm so glad you have you Ipad!

I promise ! 690A53B3E7534488A8DE138E065985BA.pngmy dear !

The beach, cycling, life it may never be the same, still all available to enjoy soon again. Lovely photography of your time in this region.

I.m enjoying the tides of the ocean as I live near a lake which has none of course...😉
9942EAA181C341459D25B5C0C5725AE1.png for your comment @joanstewart !

Greetings Barbara @barbarbara-orenya. Always a pleasure to read you. I see you bring a range of very good photos. I hope those vacations are going well, I will write it down in my travel route when I have the opportunity to go my greetings.
I leave you here a wish that you always have the best.

8F1A119F4AED4633AD833B9F4466BA5A.png much @rafaelgreen and have a wonderful day ! 😊

These photos are so beautiful, I miss going to the beach

I’m used to my lake’s beach and this is really not the
Thank you for your visit my Lovelie and 437AA28EFB654B5C863974D8D50353E9.png

Is not the same. But it is a beautiful place! really are having a wonderful time a 40 km bike ride wow you would of been quite sore after that ride needing a good relaxation on the beach.

Enjoy and stay safe 😊

Hehe, my bike is an e-bike so I get a good help when it is too 40 is nevertheless a great distance for me and I really begin to enjoy these long rides now ! 😉
Thank you for your comment @bigsambucca and have a 65FED11C3DA34B8BAE4B25CCDF06EC06.png

That is great it's the best way to see things instead of zooming past in a car enjoy your bike rides and have a great day 👍

Love the softness and the colors. The scenery is also very sweet :)

6BDBCE1F1DCB46749D79B1C3BC938B01.png for your photographer’s appreciation Dave ! 😊

What a great holiday location...I like the calmness of this place in the pictures...Have a nice holiday my friend...

Yes it's very calm, despite the fact there are a lot of people that now come to the west coast (temperatures are lower and more bearable), because I always find the places that are far from the people and enjoy them more than the crowded ones 😉
Thanks for your appreciation @xxxthorxxx !

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 19 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 19 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you Pix !
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Hey @barbara-orenya, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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Wow Amazing pictures! It looks like something from a movie. Do you recommend I go there if it's my first time in Europe?

You can go wherever you want in France, this is a beautiful country wherever you


You can go wherever you want in France, this is a beautiful country wherever you look 😀 🤩

Nice refreshing photos of the beach nice to see people getting out and about again enjoy your break 😊

I do enjoy my holidays a lot ! 😊 4995C92F033C4515BBDB8A19AAA782EA.png @kohsamui99

That is just one long fantastic beach line. Perfect place to jog in the morning then a quick dip in the sea afterwards. Hope you had a good swim. Enjoying your vacation and a well deserved one. Keep safe!

I have dipped last week into the ocean for the first time since at least 35 years ! 🤭
It was quite salty 😁

Ha ha ha. You probably are not used to it anymore after all these years. It's supposed to be salty lol.

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