Mont Blanc and snowy peaks ...17 pictures to enjoy 😊

these last days have benefited from a wonderful snowfall here in France, and yesterday we went to the top of the Semnoz mountain to enjoy the sun, the snow, and an exceptional view that I share here with youces derniers jours ont bénéficié d'un merveilleux enneigement ici en France, et hier nous sommes montés en haut de la montagne du Semnoz pour profiter du soleil, de la neige, et d'une vue exceptionnelle que je partage ici avec vous
We are here at 1700 meters above sea level, and this panoramic summit allows us to have an exceptional view of the surrounding valleys.Nous sommes ici à 1700 mètres d'altitude, et ce sommet panoramique nous permet d'avoir une vue exceptionnelle sur les vallées environnantes


...but not only !...mais pas seulement !
when the weather allows a clear view,( which was the case yesterday before the sky was completely covered in the early afternoon), we then benefit from an incredible view of the summit of Mont Blanc 🤪lorsque le temps permet une vue dégagée, (ce qui était le cas hier avant que le ciel ne se couvre tout à fait en début d'après-midi), nous bénéficions alors d'une vue incroyable sur le sommet du Mont Blanc 🤪


Yes, the summit at the back which is in the middle and the highest is Mont-BlancOui, le sommet à l'arrière qui est au milieu et le plus haut est le Mont-Blanc
... to its left, the Tournette massif...à sa gauche, le massif de la Tournette



[//]:# (!pinmapple 45.797585 lat 6.105244 long d3scr)



then I show you the panorama by continuing on the rightensuite je vous montre le panorama en continuant sur la droite
... if you have familiarized yourself with its summit you will see that the Mont-Blanc is now on the left side of the photo vous vous êtes familiarisé avec son sommet vous voyez que le Mont-Blanc est à présent sur le côté gauche de la photo...



and always an incredible sea of clouds that submerges the valleys,et toujours une incroyable mer de nuages qui submerge les vallées,
creating breathtaking landscapes and ephemeral (super)natural paintingscréant des paysages époustouflants et des tableaux éphémères (sur)naturels



Sometimes you no longer know if it is snow or fog unfolding in front of your eyes ...Parfois l'on ne sait plus si c'est la neige ou le brouillard qui s'étalent devant nos yeux...


and what an incredible picture this landscape where snow and clouds mingle quel incroyable tableau que ce paysage où se mèlent la neige et les nuages...
from which emerge the highest peaks in the distance and bathed in a soft winter sun...d'où émergent les sommets les plus hauts au lointain et baignés d'un doux soleil hivernal ...



Here I am now posing in front of Mont-Blanc 😁Me voici à présent posant devant le Mont-Blanc 😁
... which is only 60 kilometers as the crow flies 😉...qui n'est qu'à 60 kilomètres à vol d'oiseau 😉


A little geographical reminder by the way :Petit rappel géographique d'ailleurs :


and new very close shots of this magnificent Mont-Blanc mountain,et de nouveaux plans très rapprochés de cette magnifique montagne du Mont-Blanc,
knowing that I zoom in to the extreme with my darling's Huawei P40 which pleasantly surprised us with its nice photographic performance 😊sachant que je zoome à l'extrème avec le Huawei P40 de mon chéri qui nous a agréablement surpris par ses jolies performances photographiques 😊




That's all for today Lovelies ! We wish you a nice end of SundayVoilà les amis ! Nous vous souhaitons une belle fin de week-end
and above all, a wonderful week ahead! 😉et surtout une merveilleuse semaine à venir ! 😉





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It looks like you are up in Heaven surrounded by gorgeous fluffy clouds, blankets of fog and ranges of snow covered mountains everywhere you look!

Thank you for the visual epiphany! Breathtaking!!!

A blessed and very Happy New Year to you! @Barbara-orenya

thankyou_lion.png for your appreciation my dear 😊 i'm happy to share my good fortune !


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That was made with smartphone?
Simply wow!

I get a feeling that some of the photos are made from air. What a great sky it was. If I could only teleport there...

Mountains on the images really made an impression on me, so thank you for sharing!

Yes, I always use either smartphone or Ipad to take shots, as I have always one of them with me (usually the phone of course 😁)...but it's the first time I shot with this Huawei that is the new smartphone of my man, and we were very impressed with the result...of course I always post process but when you edit a crappy photo, it stays a crappy edited photo 😄

Thanks much for your appreciation and comment @crazy-andy 😊


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What a beautiful landscape, Barbara, and the images really look like paintings - I absolutely love it when the clouds cover the valley where my "normal" waits for me.

The Mont-Blanc looks so small, but still majestic.

I have heard of the outstanding image quality of the P40.

Great and beautiful post, Barbara, I wish you also a wonderful week ahead 🌞😊

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

I'm glad you enjoy these pictures @johannpiber ! You have always so wonderful mountains shots...! 😍
yes this device is wonderful for photos from far, and I also enjoy it for the selfies, this makes us some great memories of the day 😉

Thank you much for your comment my friend and have a wonderful week !


Good morning Barbara,

of course I love your photos. Due to the lockdown situation and work I don't get out very often at the moment. That's why I love your photos even more ... and your image style is beautiful anyway 😀

Have a wonderful week and take care 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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Thanks Pix !

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Birds eye view of these majestic panoramic mountains, how luck you are to live close to such wonderful nature as this @barbara-orenya, sending warm wishes from Durban and keep smiling!

@tipu curate

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I am indeed lucky and aware of it 😊 thank you very much dear for your comment and the tipu curation also ❤️

I spent awhile "feasting my eyes" on those views, how gorgeous!

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lovely landscape under a white blanket of snow , we only had one day of snow :(

Wow, stunning snow landscapes!

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WOW..what gorgeous snow white landscapes so lucky to be up there so high up enjoying those spectacular views 😉👍

Lucky, I am undoubtedly 😊
thank_you_whale.png @kohsamui99 😉