Eating a bobun at the lake side..😋 [ENG-FR]

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Yesterday I went to the lake for a leisurely lunch in the afternoon and I sat in front of this magnificent view with a tofu bobun and a wonderful sunHier je me suis rendue près du lac pour déjeuner tranquillement et je me suis installée devant cette vue magnifique avec un bobun au tofu et un merveilleux soleil


Of course, I live in a wonderful region and surrounded by splendor, and this privileged environment has a price, that of real estate and the cost of living here ...Bien sûr, je vis dans une merveilleuse région et entourée de splendeurs, et cet environnement privilégié a un prix, celui de l'immobilier et du coût de la vie ici...
everything is more expensive than elsewhere, it's a bit like in Paris or on the French Riviera, but I much prefer our living environment to that of a large metropolis, be it the legendary Paris Paristout est plus cher qu'ailleurs, c'est un peu comme à Paris ou sur la côte d'azur, mais je préfère de loin notre cadre de vie à celui d'une grande métropole, fusse-t-elle la légendaire Paris 😉


Beauty is everywhere here, it is easier than elsewhere to feel relaxed and at peaceIci la beauté est omniprésente, il est plus facile qu'ailleurs de s'y sentir relaxé et en paix
but that does not prevent a majority of people from not being aware of their luck and not feeling grateful for this exceptional living environment ... I find that a shame but that in no way prevents me from feeling appreciative and happy with this privileged place 😉mais cela n’empêche pas une majorité de personnes de ne pas être consciente de leur chance et de ne pas se sentir reconnaissant de ce cadre de vie exceptionnel... Je trouve cela dommage mais ça ne m’empêche nullement de me sentir appréciative et heureuse de cet environnement 😉


I prefer to live rather modestly here than to be richer elsewhere, in a place where I would not see nature and its splendors on a daily basisJe préfère vivre plutôt modestement ici qu'être plus riche ailleurs, dans un endroit dans lequel je ne verrais pas la nature et ses splendeurs au quotidien
Of course, the ideal would be to live and be rich here ... LoL ...Bien sûr, l'idéal serait d'être riche ici...LoL...


I leave you with this dazzling view and wish you a wonderful afternoon, Lovelies !Je vous laisse sur cette vue éblouissante et vous souhaite une magnifique après-midi les amis !


lake Annecy, France


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My daughter cooked something with Tofu a few weeks ago and she let me try it - didn't taste that bad 🤣

That's such a beautiful area where you life, Barbara, your photos show an amazing place 😀 and I can imagine that living there costs quite some money.
So, let's hope the Hive moons that you can live there as a rich Barbara 😊

Wish you a wonderful weekend 🌞

Cheers and !BEER

Haha...and the future rich Barbara says ty_l_phant.png my dear friend ! 😊🙏
Cheers and !BEER too ! 🍻

I thank you and wish you a good night 🤗
... but not without one more !BEER 😉

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Hey @johannpiber, here is a little bit of BEER from @barbara-orenya for you. Enjoy it!

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 2 months ago 

OMG, what a beautiful place! Your photos of the lake are superb! Great shots! Also love the shot of the horse, too, and the processing you did on it! Kudos! 💜

thank_you_poussin.png Lovelie ! I'm blessed with this beautiful view so I'm happy to share it 😊

Wow what clear lake water. This reminds me of torch lake in Michigan though there are no big mountains there.

i've just googled the Torch lake and's like a lagoon..😊 The mountains here are really making this place even more wonderful to me as the eyes have always something to look at and different heights of landscapes to enjoy...^_^

You got a nice combination of mountains and lagoon. Here in the states its either flatland and lagoon or super deep lake and mountains.

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Just stunning it's the sort of place i dream about living you never know what can happen in the future i just keep the dream alive for now 🙂

yep, never stop dreaming ...this is the base of creation of our life...
either we create from our dreams,
or we create from observation of what already is, which is the way to eternally re-create the same boring or horrible things 😉

You are so right and if you don't dream about it , it will never happen 🙂