A collection of beautiful wooden doors [ENG-FR]

Today I'm going to show you some very beautiful wooden doors that are remarkable enough to be photographed and appear in my pretty collection,Aujourd'hui je vais vous montrer de très belles portes en bois qui sont assez remarquables pour être photographiées et figurer dans ma jolie collection,
of ornate doors that I found in the old town of Annecy or surrounding municipalitiesdes portes ouvragées que j'ai trouvé dans la vieille ville d'annecy ou des communes environnantes


The common point of these doors is to be wooden and beautifully crafted.Le point commun de ces portes est d'être en bois et joliment ouvragées...
that alone makes them interesting of course, but sometimes additional elements add a remarkable effect, such as the gigantic size of this entrance ...rien que celà les rend intéressantes bien sûr, mais parfois des éléments supplémentaires viennent ajouter un effet remarquable, comme par exemple la taille gigantesque de cette entrée...


or the sculpted and chiseled side of this one ...ou le caractère sculpté et ciselé de celle-ci ...



I like the ironwork elements on the following doors whose simplicity is then enhanced ...J'aime les éléments de ferronnerie sur les suivantes dont la simplicité se trouve alors réhaussée...




these two doors are part of the same building that you find below 😊ces deux portes font partie du même batiment que vous retrouvez ci dessous 😊




This one has very nice decorations that make this simple wooden door a noticeable piece that we remember ... 😉Celle ci a de très jolies décorations qui font de cette simple porte en bois un élément remarquable dont on se souvient...😉


this door, a little more modern, is enhanced by the vegetation that surrounds it and enhances its beautycette porte-ci, un peu plus moderne, est mise en valuer par la végétation qui l'entoure et en rehausse sa beauté



And I saved my favorite for the endEt j'ai gardé ma favorite pour la fin
because I find it original in its apparent simplicity and yet it is rather out of the ordinary 😊car je la trouve original dans sa simplicité apparente et pourtant elle est plutôt hors du commun 😊


As my favourite, I couldn't help but feature it with a BlueWonkie 😁En tant que ma préférée, Je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de la présenter avec un BlueWonkie 😁


And you, do you have a favourite ? Which one do you prefer ? 😊

I wish you a wonderful week Lovelies !Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse semaine les amis !



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Well of course, I left at mall but I have to say that perhaps the second maybe my favorite because I have two pieces of furniture that I bought in France that have very many similarities, including the glass in it. Other than that being the reason that it's my favorite, I love them all because I have always loved the look and the feel of wood. I can run my hands down the length of the wood and I love the feel! Okay I know that that is weird.

In fact, I love all of the doors because I have a fetish for beautiful doors. You have selected some of the prettiest that I have ever seen. Thank you so much starting my day in such a positive manner. After all what is better than looking at Beauty to start your day?

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Oh well no, it's not weird ! wood is a sensual product that has to be touched and caressed 😊 ...okay, now it's weird 😁
I'm happy you are beginning beautifuly the day my dear and wish you a whole week of fun !
Thanks for all my Denise 😘

Hi There!
Reminds Me so much of when I lived in Europe!
Lots of older doors there!
Here is My favorite:dxy6p6.png
Have an Awesome Day!!!

You are right, these might be specific doors found in Europe...at least they have been well preserved because most of them are very old 😉
Excellent choice ! it is really pretty with its curved shape and the iron details !

Thanks and,
Thank You for posting!!!
I really liked the reminder!

Oh how I love doors, @barbara-orenya and I so miss Europe and the UK... At least here in New England we have some fine doors, being a bit older part of the country, but when in EU or UK I can't help but feel the most casual corner is always filled with centuries of history! I hope I can travel again, but the "new Normal" ...

we are a very old continent of history and the architectural heritage is important, preserved and enhanced ... I really appreciate that here in Europe 😉
I can understand you miss this aspect my dear, I wish you can travel again...one day ...

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Week 11 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

All doors looked amazing, but the second one stands out and is a real piece of art.

i understand this choice fully ! This is an outstanding one indeed 😍

I went on a tour in italy and did something similar and the doors were so beautiful wood carved that i decided to do a blog about it, I should do that this summer aswell

There are so many different and mostly beautiful doors that it's worth a blog, I agree ...😊

J'adore les portes et la derniere est top


They are all so good. I would probably pick the second one with so much detail.