A bunch of benches 🤭 [ENG-FR]

Hello Lovelies !Hello les amis !
Here is a new week that begins (with a lot of rain and freshness on our side) and we start it here with a nice collection of benches that I found in my files when I was looking for words starting with the letter B during the second week of the alphabet hunt 🤭Voici une nouvelle semaine qui commence (avec pas mal de pluie et de fraicheur de notre côté) et nous la débutons ici avec une jolie collection de bancs que j'ai trouvée lorsque je cherchais des mots commençant par la lettre B lors de la deuxième semaine de la chasse à l'alphabet 🤭


This bench in the countryside had inspired me to draw a BlueWonkie and its dog making a stop in this rustic and sunny setting ...Ce banc dans la campagne m'avait inspiré à dessiner un BlueWonkie et son chien faisant une halte dans ce décor champètre et ensoleillé...


Then here are other benches encountered and photographed from my random walksVoici ensuite d'autres bancs rencontrés et photographiés au hasard de mes promenades
and that I have grouped here in a collection, where these ordinary objects are sometimes empty and awaiting visit ....et que j'ai regroupés ici en une collection, où ces objets ordinaires sont tantôt vides et en attente de visite....


... strewn with glowing autumn leaves, this one may be bored, or is it a bit delighted by the absence of visitors ...?... parsemé des feuilles rougeoyantes d'automne, celui-ci s'ennuie peut-être, ou se réjouit-il un peu de l'absence de visiteurs...?


Some benches have a view that you could easily envy, right?Certains bancs ont une vue qu'on pourrait facilement leur envier, n'est-ce pas..?
like those lucky ones that face the lakecomme ces chanceux qui font face au lac


in front of the boats which undulate quietly on turquoise watersface aux bateaux qui ondoient tranquillement sur les eaux turquoises
benches are lulled by the sound of rattling and the gentle waves surfles bancs sont bercés par le bruit des cliquetis et le doux ressac des vagues


But aren't the luckiest benches the ones that, while facing this marvelous landscape ...Mais les plus chanceux ne sont-ils pas ceux qui, faisant face à ce merveilleux paysages...


receive at fabulous sunset time,reçoivent à l'heure du coucher de soleil,
visitors come to get lost in the contemplation of a show and whose bench becomes an accomplice ...?des visiteurs venus se perdre dans la contemplation d'un spectacle et dont le banc se fait alors complice...? 😉 😊



I hope you enjoyed my little collection of benchesJ'espère que vous avez apprecié ma petite collection de bancs
I wish you all a wonderful week !Je vous souhaite à tous une merveilleuse semaine !



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bunny.png very much @rozku ! 😊

A delightful look at the view behind the bench. I especially love them when they offer up a view of the water, usually of the sea. Although, anytime the allure of a sunset will turn my head.

Wonderful shots, adding to the beauty of an already awesome day! Thank you!

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crocodile.png my dear 😊 The very good point with benches is that they are always in places where there is something to contemplate (unless they are only convenient benches in the city),so this is always a pleasure to stop, rest and enjoy the show, whether it is nature, or passers by..

I hope you have a wonderful week-end my Denise, sending you happy kisses from France ! 😘

I found a bench myself. Nice place to sit and think.


haha cool ! Benches are nice to hunt, they usually stand at enjoyable places...😉

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 9 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Wonderful pictures...i like the first and third pictures color tones...There is rain here too...

Have a nice day...

Sorry for the late answer and thankyousnail.png for your comment @xxxthorxxx (why so many x..? 😁) We had a better weather on May than we have on June...LoL

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