Photography Lovers Contest - New Theme and Winners Announcement!

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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Animal Theme Winners!


Thank you all for the amazing amount of entries we received for the Animals theme. There were so many great entries and it made picking winners a bit difficult. I am looking forward to the continued growth of the contest each week.

Professional First Place @fotogruppemunich


Professional Second Place @marc-allaria


Professional Third Place @fotostef


Amateur First Place @valerianis

Amateur Second Place @owdtwobad

Amateur Third Place @francyrios75

New Theme - Landscapes


This week is all about Landscape Photography. So what makes a good landscape? Great composition and interesting subject matter. It isn't just about taking a picture of a sunset or something. You need to pay attention to your composition, natural lines that nature forms, lighting and so much more.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with for this one. Landscape photography is really fun because you get to see pictures from cool places all over the world.

How is the Photography Lovers Contest set up?


The contest is broken up into 2 different tiers. Each will have a different rewards for the winners based on what tier you enter into.

Here is a breakdown of the rewards based on the tiers:

1st5 Hive4 Hive
2nd3 Hive2 Hive
3rd2 Hive1 Hive

Each contest will be open for submissions for 6 days and close on the 7th day so that winners can be picked and the new post can be made.

There will be a new theme announced each week and the themes are going to be a bit different than the traditional themes. The goal of the themes are to challenge your skill as a photographer and force you to think outside the box to get some really interesting photos.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

How to enter


When you enter a photo in the competition, you will state what tier you want to be judged in and locked in for the month at that level.

For example if you enter a photo, you drop the photo in the comment section, state what level of photographer you are, and then give a description of the photograph.

That's pretty much it, drop your main photo in the comment section of this post and state your tier. If you want to make a separate post for your entry as well, that is fine, but for your entry to be valid, your photo and tier must be in here in the comment section of this post. You are also encouraged to join the Photography Lovers Community and make your post to the Photography Lovers Community.

Additional Notes


  • If your post has more than one photo in it, make sure to use the photo you wanted judged as your main photo for your post.

  • Only one submission per contest. Extra submissions will be ignored.

  • You can switch your tier ONE time per month, but only if you are moving up into a higher tier, for example if you are currently in the amateur tier, but you think that you have a photograph that you want to enter in the professional tier, you can state that you are changing your tier to professional. You will then be locked into the new tier for the remainder of the month. You are not able to move down to a lower tier, like going from amateur to the beginner tier.

  • If you do not state which tier you want to be judged in for the month, I will leave a comment to remind you to do so, but if you don't respond, you will be assigned to a tier and locked in for that month.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. All submissions must be your own work. I will investigate every entry and if you are caught plagiarizing, you will be blacklisted from competing in my competitions and blacklisted in the community.

Thank you!


Thank you for being a part of the Photography Lovers Community here on Hive. We are looking forward to seeing your entry for this contest.


Hello photography lovers, I am @soyunasantacruz and this is my entry to this contest.

I bring you this landscape is in the country of Nicaragua in the viewpoint Catarina and is something spectacular, is a support lagoon, ie a volcano that ceased to be active and formed a lagoon in its crater.

The most spectacular thing is the view, the sky is confused with the lagoon, and it seems that smoke comes out of the mouth of the volcano because a cloud of vapor is formed in that area.

Perhaps I cannot explain well the memory of seeing that landscape, here I leave you the image where you can appreciate the tourists seeing and contemplating the magic of nature.


Thanks for this contest and I define myself as a basic or beginner participant, because that's what I am, a lover of photography without preparation.

It was the image was captured with my Huawei 8s Honor cell phone camera.

Thank you #PhotographyLovers

That is awesome. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for the contest, and for the tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I agree with @crazy-andy there were so many wonderful submissions last round. Congratulations to the winners!
Good choice of subject again @derangedvisions
Every photographer should have at least one landscape photo he or she can submit to this new round.

My submission will be the following:

Level: amateur
Winter always comes suddenly to the South Urals. It rained yesterday and smelled of fallen leaves. The world has changed today. The forest falls into a deep and long sleep. The lowlands are covered with snow. The paths are hidden until spring. But in this white dream there are unsteady sounds of silence - these are the sounds of eternity.

It's like hibernation :)
Это похоже на зимнюю спячку.

Очень долгий сон, шесть месяцев)

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Добрый вечер! Мы там, где нам рады)

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This competition is interesting and should be fun. I agree with @ ruta-rudens :)
Этот конкурс интересен и здесь должно быть весело. Я согласен с @ruta-rudens :)

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This competition is interesting and should be fun. I agree with @ ruta-rudens :)
Этот конкурс интересен и здесь должно быть весело. Я согласен с @ruta-rudens :)

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Холодно, но очень красиво)

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Awesome winner shots. Congrats to all of them.

Here is my Entry for this weeks theme and a additional post with two more shots.

Tier: Amateur


Weekly Theme: LANDSCAPES

As the built environment slowly deteriorates and fades away over time, Mother Nature takes over and invades the building envelope until she merges the threshold between the natural and the man-made. As a result, the entire scenario transforms into one amazing landscape. The said process can be witnessed in some of the ancient temple ruins situated at the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia.

Hello. I have been out of the loop here for a few but I would like to submit this photo for the contest. This photo depicts 3 water trees around a drying up lake called Indian Lake in North Ocala, Florida. This area has a hidden Civil War era graveyard and Native America burials here as well. You can also see all sorts of wildlife such as deer, Bob cats, bears and the elusive Bigfoot!

It is a magical place. I have 2 previous posts that show more on this location. Sorry I didn't make a separate post for this as I had literally just posted and I don't like spam posting!

I would like to be entered into the professional tier.

Photo was taken on my Nikon D3400 edited in LR with custom presets.
F2.4 / ISO 500 / 1/1800s / 35mm


nice end of the world edit :)


Very cool

Thanks :)

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i wanted to post a photo from at least this year, and this year sucked for traveling so here is one from few km of my house.
Taken with canon 80d and an old manual lens Jupiter 37A. Went with that one because i wanted a long lens and 135mm is the longest i have. If i could i would probably go with 200mm or more to get a bit more compression so the church would appear to be closer, but you go with what you have.

My congratulations to the winners!


This August night was a fortunate coincidence. Full moon, fog and no wind. This allowed a slow shutter speed of 304 seconds (f / 8. ISO100, SONY A7M2 Camera, f / 1.4 35 lens). The clouds had time to paint the sky with lines and strokes, the waters of the river became smooth, but the grass and trees were still. Oddly enough, the stars moved faster than the moon. It was a magical night.
Amateur level.
В эту августовскую ночь было удачное стечение обстоятельств. Полнолуние, туман и отсутствие ветра. Это позволило использовать длинную выдержку 304 сек (f/8. ISO100, Камера SONY A7M2, объектив f/1,4 35). Облака успели разрисовать небо линиями и мазками, воды реки стали гладкими, но трава и деревья были неподвижны. Как ни странно, звёзды двигались быстрее Луны. Это была волшебная ночь.
Любительский уровень.

Such a cool shot

Thanks a lot.

Чудесная ночь. Редко встретишь в лесу такой лунный пейзаж.

Ночь, полная луна и туман... Да, потому полночи и носился с камерой)

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Thanks a lot!

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A slice of Iceland. I cannot look back to my pictures and not miss experiencing this country
Pro tier.


Hi all! This is my entry for this week!

It's shot on the rural side of Curaçao. This is where the natural beaches are but also some nice hilly landscapes :)


Cool shot. What tier are you competing in? Amateur or Pro?

Thank you! Let's go for the pro tier 😎😃

Although it was taken during my summer vacation it is as gloomy as it can get and yet it is one of my favorite ones from my recent trip to west Crete. You can read more about it here!


Amazing photos everyone!!
Last weekend I got to spend it with my favourite person at my favourite place.

My favourite person being my girlfriend and my favourite place is Stradbroke Island in Queensland Australia. The perfect spot for a sunset. Cheers
Tier: Amateur

Man, I need to be there on the beach right now. So jealous...

It sure is a awesome spot! I wish I was back there now aswell haha

Awesome photos last week it was hard to be among winners. I was positive surprised by the number of entries we got. Landscape theme should bring even more stunning photos. Expectations are high, so good luck to all of you!

As last week, I am adding 3 Hive to the prize pool as a tip. 2 Hive for pro winner and 1 Hive for amateur winner.

Thank you for this 2nd place. Nice selection with many ideas !

Thank you for choosing my photo as 2nd best in the amateur tier.

Congratulations to all the winners, a wonderful selection.

Thank you @badge-696969 for the recognition.

Congratulations to the winners!! 👏👏👏 Amazing photos guys! I'm ready for the next round! 👍

Congratulations to the winners, great photos.😊
My entry for this week
Topic: landscapes

Hello Photography Lovers,
there is my photo to contest. My level is starting amateur :-D
Picture is " Starting autumn on village".
On the picture is old brewery from Moravia.

Excellent choices in a very difficult selection of beautiful propositions...!

Congratulations to the winners 👏

Deserved the winners, tremendous photos they took are beautiful, this week's theme is very interesting.

Hi! Here is my entry for this week

I took it at the Gulf of Finland shore last spring. This lonely birch tree looked great against the sunset sky. I just could not resist taking such a photo.


Tier: Amateur

Hi :) @badge-696969

This is my first competition and I'm new to the hive. I am very pleased to participate :)

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-06 at 10.32.54 (2).jpeg

Here I am giving you the most beautiful golden huors photo in the world. A view from my house window. If we want, we can take beautiful pictures even from where we sit. Everything depends on our belief :)

#photography #contest

My entry for this week! Here you can reed the information about this picture.
I am a profecional!


Hope I'm not too late for the contest🙏 here is my entry 👇

Tier: Amateur

Nivel Aficionado: Buenas soy Ventura desde Argentina, les comparto fotos mias de paisajes naturales que recorri este verano. La tome con una camara canon, de viaje por la Cordillera de los Andes.


Here's a dusk scene as my entry for this week's contest.. (Tier - Amateur)


This is my entry (amateur):


Viñales valey, Cuba, a place I went to for a weekend from Havana (it's just over an hour away) and that brings you closer to the rural life of this beautiful island.

Camera: Sony Cyber Shot 7.2 mp

Hi @photographylovers i am not sure if i have done this right it is my first time entering this contest my category will be amateur ... Here is my entry.


This is my entry


Tier: Amateur

See more: A stretch of calm water surface

Hopefully I made the cut off for the contest! I want to enter the amateur photo section. I have made posts for these photos but I think this one might be my favorite of the ones I took in the series!

I’ve joined the community several weeks ago and I’ve enjoyed posting and seeing others posts very much! Photography is a really fun hobby.

This was taken with an older canon EOS rebel with a 50mm lens!


Feedback would be cool, I feel like I’m intimidated with some of the others photography but I enjoy some of the ones I took!

Thank you #PhotographyLovers and congratulations to the winners!
I am @towatia and this is my entry to this contest.
It is guacarapo bay, in Cumaná, Venezuela. One of my favorites places. Here there is a fose known as Cariaco Basin a deep depression composed of two sub-basins.
Thank you #PhotographyLovers

Bowman Lake
From my trip to Glacier National Park in Montana this summer. It was truly spectacular!

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Soon these views will become familiar, winter is coming :)
Nice shot!
Скоро такие виды станут привычными, зима приближается :)
Красивый кадр!

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Это Урал. Суровый край и красивый, как и очень древний.

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