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Furniture for the garden (or for the beach).

Il tavolinetto, l'ombrellone eccetera [EN/ITA]
Furniture suitable for “outdoor spaces” and the new umbrella still have the shop label and price tag.

I mobili adatti per gli “spazi esterni” e l'ombrellone nuovo hanno ancora l'etichetta del negozio e il cartellino del prezzo.

The theme is “Discover something new! ”
My proposal for the @photo52 contest by @wwwiebe
Text and photos by @adinapoli (s)

"Legno a righe e tessuto rosso" / "Striped wood and red fabric"
Testo e fotografie di @adinapoli (s) per al concorso n.33 di @photo52
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Molto svegli i proprietari dell'ombrellone!!


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@adinapoli, Overall appearance is so bright. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

I'm so looking forward to autumn, when it cools down some, so I can go out back and enjoy my own patio furniture and umbrella!