Sunday's sunset

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This was the sky, approximately 12 hours ago...

It was one of those "...nothing is happening... no, we're not getting any dramatic sunset today days... nothing to see here days..."

And then, Wham! Bam! POW! Run for the camera....

Sunset! Dramatic sunset, I mean...

And you know these don't last long....
Five minutes, if you're lucky!


7:22:31pm ~ 23 Aug 2020
Suddenly, I noticed a glow coming from the window,
even though the sky was almost dark
Took a peek out...
Grab the camera!!


7:24:29pm ~ 23 Aug 2020
It intensifies... by the seconds...
Take a breath, steady...


7:24:58pm ~ 23 Aug 2020
Shoot the trees
They're like on fire


7:26:09pm ~ 23 Aug 2020
Tick tock
Every passing second
Almost all gone


7:26:38pm ~ 23 Aug 2020
Darkness envelopes the scene
Leaving the remaining slashes of deepening red,
growing smaller, lesser, duller
Night reigns

Captured with SONY A5100 | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Thank you, pix! :)

Wow. Very beautiful ! Today the sky was just something els. sadly I did not take pictures :(

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Thank you! :)

Ahaaa... I have those days too, unfortunately... The next one then... 👌

 6 months ago 

Oh, that is gorgeous! It's like the clouds are plugged into an electric cord and positively glowing with energy! That's a superb photo at top! BRAVO! 😍

Yeah, that's exactly what i felt too, without saying it! Like a heater resonating a heat...

Thank you very much! Appreciate your words... 😊

Beautiful 👍

Thank you! 😊

You just had to wait for it! What a glorious sunset!

Our sunset is often 'Ho Hum' but the sunrise is almost always something special.

Thanks for sharing a great sunset!

Yeah, have realised patience is really a virtue when it comes to sunsets... photography in general I guess :)
I get hints that we get some good sunrises too - but my apartment faces West... and East-ward for me is obstructed by a lil hill. Am glad you enjoy these... :)

Yes, I kwow: you're the Sunset's Queen. Hugs, friend

Hahahaha - some lil bird must have whispered that, I think... :D
Stay safe, my friend!!

Very nice pictures! Especially the change in colors. It gives me the idea to make a timelapse of a sunset.

Thank you! :) Will check on your page for when you post it!!

Ahhh , you are quick of the mark to capture these beautiful sunsets all the time love them all very fiery looking 😎

Haha, I try.... ;) Thank you!

You are the best keep them coming 🌞 😎 🌞

Sensational sunsets as always beautiful textures 😎

Textures is good... :) We need more fancy drama clouds.... Bring em on! :D

Haha...i am sure those drama clouds will appear soon 👀