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I recently made a trip up this hill resort of Cameron Highlands here in Malaysia, spent time just taking photos!

I've never done that before!!! Quite a luxury for me...

So, what's good here? It's cool, cooler than the lowlands of the city ~ so, flowers!
Lots and lots of them! And nature... anything and everything green!

A little bit on Cameron's here and some black & white experiments here

Overall I experimented (read "played") with my semi-new lens (on account of being under-used...) Learnt quite a bit! And that's good 😊


First alert - I did lots of random shots
Like see something I liked, shoot!
Thought something might look good, shoot!
Yeahhh.... the luxury of doing whatever I wanted...
Now, you get to see/suffer the "collection"
Lol, some of them
Let me warn you - I took lots!
Brace yourself...


Was lucky to have caught this brightening of day
over some nearby peak
"Hello, day..."


Okay, first stop happened to be the church!
The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Which boasts a large compound (this is just one side of the carpark btw),
and some passionate gardener/s who had been lovingly tending to the grounds here
And, FYI the church recently celebrated its 85th Anniversary!


A quick peek inside...
As we are still under covid-19 restrictions, SOPs have to be adhered to, but no one was around, and somehow the church gate was part-open and the doors were open too!
So why not?!


And then we checked out the plants outside...
First up on this glorious morning,
Some morning glory, of course!


Some creative stuff...
Wide-ranging subjects to experiment on too!


They had lots of hibiscus...
Malaysia's national flower, in orange, red, yellow, pink, peach
surrounding the grotto
And they were huge!
(Yeah, I forgot to take a shot with something relative to show off its size - lesson for next time)


In bud...
So like a rose... but it's a hibiscus!


Mug shot-style profile...
Why not?!


In bud, again...
This time a yellow


Some wispiness...


Out in the shed... something leftover from last Christmas perhaps
Seems to be growing quite healthily


'By the pricking of my thumbs'
No idea why that came to mind...
Maidenhair fern ~ I always liked them!
And I had to experiment with some switching of focus
Like you see with some shots/videos...


Yeah, juvenile... I know!


Under same shed ~ cool and collected


Ohhhh, and they had a big wonderful collection of these...
Otherwise known as 'Naughty boys'
Errrr, I don't have to explain why, right?
And also known as candle flower!


More to come in the next post
There was a great variety there...
In other words, I took many shots!


Windows fascinate me...
Windows upon windows...upon...
Even more...


These... not really sure what they are...
Were just asking to be shot!
Especially together with the shadow



I had many more selected to add here, but on second, third thought....
Maybe in the next post
Don't want to bore you...

Captured with SONY A5100 + Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS lens | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Great shots. I love the flower close ups especially.

Thank you very much! :) As I enjoyed taking them...

Unexpected photography session can result in great shots like it was the case here with you trying new lens.

How true... Thank you! :)

Beautifully rich garden with beautiful flowers :-)

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It seems you've had a nice trip and what fab shots you've captured!

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Awwwww geez, thank you! :D

What fun, it looks like you were very successful with your experimentation. Great photos beautiful Hibiscus budded and fully bloomed.

Thank you, @pinkdragonfly! :)

WOW , these are some tremendous photos your new lens is doing you great especially with the flowers 😊

Hehehe... am getting a hang on it at last - still needs lots more practice... 😊
Thank you!

Cool practice does wonders keep it up 👍


Great photos! But I must mention that the first photo is my favorite. :)

Awww, am so glad you like that - I almost didn't include it!
Thank you!

Great macro shots!!👏

Thanks! 😄😊

wow. An excellent sharing full of great photos. Congratulations my friend ♥️

Thank you very much, my friend! ♥️♥️

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