One evening, one week ago

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We've been having some good days for sunsets recently
The rain has more or less stopped
It's been crazy hot
(When has it not been anyway...)
But at least we get these show stoppers every few days

What's not to like or admire with scenes like these...
As usual, I shot these from the front windows of my home


Shot all these on the same evening, about a week ago
Sun's gone,
but it always puts on a show before it is through with the day


Flames flowing across the sky...
Well, this looks more like raging across the city skyscape
Just at that time of twilight before the lights on the buildings come on...


What did the entire scene look like?
Not as turbulent actually...
Quite calm, cool and collected
Except for a certain section
This was about 5 minutes later
but you can still see the slow burn of the section above the city skyline
But the cool blues above...


Do you get the feeling when you witness scenes like this
The whole universe stands still... almost...
Quiet reigns
As if even the birds and lil creatures know
Wonders are being created above
You just need to be still
And watch


Tiny twinkling lights start to come on
Despite the warmth still hanging in the still air


This one I chose as the changing lights on the crown of Exchange 106 building (centre)
mimics the colour of the sky behind it
(click on the image for a full screen view if you like)
Looking almost transparent,
and as if the sky peeps through the 'perforations'
Amidst complementary star lights


And within minutes, it is all gone
The stillness remains
The calm blue oneness permeates the heavens, dulled
The magic is almost all gone
Fare thee well, day...
Welcome, night

Captured with SONY A5100 | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Thank you, pix!

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Very nice. I love a good sunset. I alwaysdisappear into my own head when I am staring at one

Yeah, I know what you mean.... these days, however, I run for my camera! Lol....

... the sunset fire burned out ... :)

Haha, yes.... :)