Always a Flower...

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Flowers... flowers... flowers...

I doubt there is anyone who dislikes flowers?!
Perhaps you may have a favourite? Or maybe to some just a dislike of a certain scent...

As a continuation of my Cameron's Trail, I present to you today ~ some of the pretties of the hill resort!

With camera and newish lens in hand,
I mostly just enjoyed capturing them as prettily as I possibly could!

So, close your eyes... take a breath of fresh air
Imagine the cool mountain air envelop you...
And I hope you'll enjoy these, as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Today's 'Always a Flower' is for the one who coined the phrase... my friend, Denise @dswigle ❤️


A rose by any other name...
No, not long stemmed bold red elegance,
but a simple sweet one instead


But I did find a bud
Buds are always a favourite!


The Chinese like Chrysanthemums
Especially in yellow
That's 'Ong' or Prosperity for you!


I saw some 'odd' ones...
Nature comes in many shapes, doesn't it
No less appreciated, or beautiful


They even look pretty from the back!
Somehow I tend to look at things from all around....
Catch sight of some details you may not have seen before...


In profile...


And then there were some little ones...
Little pin pricks of colour
Beckoning you... can't ignore them!


That's them... blossomed!


Prickly some may be...
But they also come with some pretties

Yes, always a flower...

Captured with SONY A5100 + Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS lens | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Love all the beautiful flowers. Fresh photography :)

Thank you, @rem-steem

 8 months ago 

These photos are superb! Wonderful job capturing their beauty! 😍

Thank you so much, @thekittygirl! Happy you enjoyed them... 😊

Beautiful pictures as always, my friend. A very strong hug from Madrid

You always give good encouragement... Thank you, my friend! :)

Because you worth it. A hug


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even thought I claim to be a tattooed thug I do love flowers and love this post

Hahaha, and I am very glad you do! :)
Thank you, stay well and keep safe

Cheers and you to stay safe

I like how your isolating those beautiful blooms in a tight depth of field. The frames always look more finished and presentable this way. Nice work! What kind of lens did you end up getting? A fixed focal length?

I like the second daisy like yellow flower shot.. What I like about it is how the other flowers are represented in the background and blurry enough not to take away center stage. Well done.. Perfect quote from @dswigle!

Oh and by the way.. I HATE FLOWERS!!!! 😜 (yeah right)

Oh yes, that's what I was aiming to do - practising the depth of field thing... Glad you noticed and enjoyed it! Made my day! 😊 I got the 50mm - first lens I got that didn't come with the body...

Thank you so very much for your careful observations and comments. I've always loved Denise's quote! 🙂

Haha, I can see how much you 'hate' them! 😂
Cheers, and a good day to you, and all at home!!


Paint the pink flowers! 🤣

Hehehe, for you, I'll paint them blue! 😄

Yes i love flowers, love your flower photos.

Awww, thank you very much! Appreciate it!! 🙂

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