Let's talk a little about music Pt. 5

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What is the relationship between "music and culture? When one talks of cultural music, one may be using the term to mean music as a cultural expression, as opposed to music's being a means to an end. However, it should be noted that any form of music that is considered to be a culture to start with (or, for that matter, any culture for that matter) its own "culture" within it that exists independently of what the music does. The language of that culture cannot be found in any music, only in the culture itself.

For most people, music is a form of speech, which is why it can be so difficult to speak about music as culture. Of course, all language has a culture, just as all music has it's own language. The way we categorize and categorize a language or music is a matter of semantics.

To explain this concept in a slightly more practical manner, we are all aware that we are all members of different tribes, which includes tribes within a larger tribal organization. This means that we are all members of a larger tribe, and thus we are all members of a tribal culture. However, we are all individuals within this tribal culture, and are not all members of an organized tribe. A tribe could be the United States, or even the world. The same thing applies in music. The concept of a culture is a cultural organization. It is an organization of people who share a set of beliefs. Since our language includes some basic and essential beliefs (such as how to behave towards each other), it is a culture, because it teaches these basic and essential rules of how you should live as a citizen.

The word "culture" in the United States is used in a cultural context, like "culture" in Japan or "culture" in Ireland, which means that it means the same thing when it is used in the United States and the world. While it can be seen that other cultures use the word "culture" to talk about the way people in their culture behave, this is very different from defining culture just as "the way people in my culture behave". It may be possible to see that cultures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but for the sake of brevity, I will not be going too in-depth into various tribes inside every country, but rather focus on how you can apply the concept of culture to musical expression. While cultures in a different country may have different musical conventions, they are still cultural.

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