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Chips 'N Cellos

There is no doubt that for me computer games were the cause of my approach to technology and gave me the confidence to "go deeper" into it. However, for a long time my games have been limited to a sporadic solitaire, Mahjong or a late Candy Crush on the cell phone. For that same reason I am not a big fan of video game music and I have never especially valued 8-bit music.

However, my passion for music makes me travel all over the world and listen to everything with an open mind, because that is the only way to grow, in my opinion.

One of my sons did experience that passion and is an eternal fan of Mega Man. The times he has taken a musical instrument in his hands he has taken the opportunity to play the repertoire associated with this character and he often presents me with versions of those melodies with varied arrangements.

This is how I came to know Chips 'N Cellos, which, as indicated in their presentation, are:

...a brothers & wife trio who composes original Mega Man and Castlevania-style 8-bit chiptunes, sometimes with a twist-- accompanying classical cello arrangements!

The truth is that I must confess that for me it was an incredible surprise and I recognize in this team a great genius. What they do is cover all kinds of repertoire, ranging from classic songs by the great European authors, to the most recent pop hits, from melodies such as those of Dvorak's New World Symphony, or Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca, to Michael Jackson's Beat it, to José Feliciano's Feliz Navidad or John Williams' The Duel of Fates from the Star Wars saga.

Their versions are made in the style of the aforementioned video games, where they highlight the 8-bit sounds and in many cases the presence of their instrument, the cello.

What is surprising and where their genius lies, in my opinion, is how well they manage to synthesize both tendencies, that is, the formal repertoire, with the sounds in the style of the video game, but always maintaining a great harmonic and melodic consistency.

So to participate for the first time in #musicmonday, I bring you (who would have said?) 8-bit music, in the style of Mega Man.

If you like it, I invite you to follow them on Youtube and leave your comments. Of course, you can also leave your comments for me, at the bottom of this post.

Sin duda que para mí los juegos de computadora fueron causa de mi acercamiento a la tecnología y me dieron la confianza para "profundizar" en ella. Sin embargo hace mucho tiempo que mis juegos se limitan a un esporádico solitario, Mahjong o un tardío Candy Crush en el celular. Por esa misma razón no soy gran aficionado a la música de videojuegos y nunca he valorado especialmente la música de 8 bits.

Sin embargo, mi pasión por la música me hace recorrer todos los terrenos y escuchar de todo con la mente siempre abierta, pues esa es la única forma de crecer, a mi modo de ver.

Uno de mis hijos sí experimentó esa pasión y es un fan eterno de Mega Man. Las veces que ha tomado un instrumento musical en sus manos ha aprovechado para interpretar el repertorio asociado a este personaje y con frecuencia me presenta versiones de esas melodías con variados arreglos.

Así fue como llegué a conocer a Chips 'N Cellos, que, tal como lo indican en su presentación, son:

...un trío de hermanos y esposas que compone canciones originales de 8 bits al estilo de Mega Man y Castlevania, a veces con un giro... ¡acompañando a los arreglos clásicos de violonchelo!

La verdad es que debo confesar que para mí fue una sorpresa increíble y reconozco en este equipo una gran genialidad. Lo que ellos hacen es versionar repertorio de todo tipo, que va desde temas clásicos de los grandes autores europeos, hasta los más recientes éxitos del pop, desde melodías como las de la Sinfonía del Nuevo Mundo de Dvorak, o el Rondo Alla Turca de Mozart, hasta Beat it de Michael Jackson, pasando por Feliz Navidad de José Feliciano o El Duelo de los Destinos, de John Williams y su saga de la Guerra de las Galaxias.

Sus versiones son hechas al estilo de los videojuegos mencionados, donde resaltan los sonidos 8 bits y en muchos casos la presencia de su instrumento, el violonchelo.

Lo sorprendente y donde radica, a mi modo de ver, su genialidad es lo bien que logran sintetizar ambas tendencias, es decir el repertorio formal, con los sonidos al estilo del videojuego, pero siempre manteniendo una gran consistencia armónica y melódica.

Así que para participar por primera vez en el #musicmonday, les traigo (¿quién lo diría?) música de 8 bits, al estilo Mega Man.

Si les gusta, los invito a seguirlos en Youtube y dejarles sus comentarios. Por supuesto, también pueden dejar sus comentarios para mí, al pie de este post.


The real Chips 'N Cellos | Los verdaderos Chips 'N Cellos


Music | Música

Greensleeves, Henry VIII - Mega Man Style with Cello [0CC FamiTracker]

Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement, Beethoven - Mega Man Style 8-Bit Remix

Feliz Navidad (Feliciano) - Mega Man Style 8Bit Remix

Beat It, Michael Jackson - Mega Man Style 8-Bit Remix

The Mandalorian Theme - Mega Man Style 8-Bit Cello Remix

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Owww Owwww a nice post but somehow this music is not my style. Back in time, super of course, since technology was not further developed. I do see what you say, some managed to create some cool tunes out of the 8bit. The first one in your post, for instance. A track I can somehow like :)

Could you play an 8bit music track somehow on an analogue instrument? Can I challenge you to try?

Hahaha, your challenge is really hard...! I'll start seeking for information if there is some way to do that.

As I said in the post, this is not the kind of music I like neither, but I was amazed about the result they achieved.

You rally intend to pickj up this challenge? How cool.... But you don't have to 😉

Hahaha, I'm a very serious person...! I take the challenges very seriously 😉

I started looking for it, but this time I have to reject this one... It's not so easy and I'm very busy right now. If I can get the time I promisse I'll do it... 👍

So cool you actually gave it a go! That's more than I expected. I knew I was asking something very difficult. Was contemplating to put a few smileys in my comment, but then decided not to do so and see what happens. You are exusted sir! 🙇