Improv with toy synthesizers // LOOP by Vache Morte 003

in Music4 months ago

My way to forget I am an adult with responsibility, what's yours?

LOOP by Vache Morte 003
Improv with toy synthesizers //
with #Casio VL-Tone, Casio SA-9, and a circuit bent #Kawasaki toy.


Yeah man!

goes to show you can make music with anything. I bet you kill it with your regular gear.

Yes my idea of fun, exactly. I do. Much blessings.

... !LUV

Did I hear oriental-sounding synths at 2:19?... Nice jam, and gear too, thanks for the inspiration! Got me excited to cook up a new one, keep on :)

Command accepted!

Maybe...? Thank you! Yeah make some noise!!! much love

On it! ...Click a follow if you care to listen, have a super-dope day :)

You let me speechless with this...! Really awesome!

Thank you!!!

My pleasure!

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