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Headline actually should be enough....

...however we should add more context of course, not only a link, to avoid risking flags. Oh well, oh well, oh well - the godfather of Techno (and / or Trance) Sven Väth is one of my heroes and please enjoy his mix from 1994 - classic HR3 Club night.

I have introduced a lot new Techno artists on this blockchain and also wrote about my legends - Sven included - guys like him deserve series, own tags and much appreciation on their work. Sven was my music friend since the age of (no we do not get into detail) xxx - ok, at least over 30 years of great sounds and a similar heritage are the link between the two of us. Sure @andyjaypowell might agree and even add more to the phenomena Sven Väth. Sven is THE legend, he created sounds, he created clubs, he created movements, he created businesses, he created communities and friendships.

Some few facts for the young ones

While his sounds too me are still totally innovative some of the young blockchain guys might not know this German "Bub" from Frankfurt so in the following some facts. If you are into electronic music you should at least have a bit of background here, the sounds above are my perfect sound carpet for a party in the sun, at the beach but also in a dark basement.

Sven Väth is to me the most influential guy of the scene or at least for my personal taste along with Paul van Dyk. Check some of his older and younger Trance Tunes and a great interview. The guy still loves his turntables, produces and supports new talents. For more insights just google his name and you will find a lot interesting stuff to listen, watch and read, I guarantee!

Sven Väth about his career

Here Sven with his son talking about 20 years of Cocoon and his life (in German but incl. English subtitles). Väth inspired all Techno & Trance acts alive around the world. He was the reason I wanted to DJ. Well, I was not a successful one but that is not Sven's mistake but a lack of talent on my end but I still love the turntables with vinyl. Furthermore listen to some of his epic mixes. Some are very long but worth every second.

Interview Sven Väth about 20 Years Cocoon (his own club)


Onwohl ich schon seit den 70ern Fan von elektronischer Musik war (Kraftwerk, Schulze, Tangerine Dream usw.), hat mich Techno anfangs nicht sehr begeistert. Das war mir einfach zu platt. Geändert hat das Sven Väth mit seinem Album "The Harlequin, the Robot, and the Ballet Dancer" von 1994. Ich hab echt gestaunt, das da jemand versuchte mehr Vielfalt, mehr Einfallsreichtum, mit Techno zu verbinden.
So wie in diesem Track von dem Album:

Deshalb... dafür muß ich Väth wohl dankbar sein. :)

Wow! Ballet Fusion changed my life. Great to hear it again.

Thank you 🙏🏻

Ja, er hatte immer irgendwas "anderes" am Start was angenehm war - ich weiss noch, dass ich mir 1993 das Ding hier gekauft hab und eigentlich nichts damit anfangen konnte, aber war Väth daher kaufen:

Je älter ich wurde desto genialer fand ich es, weil ich bei jedem Anhören neues "höre" :-)

Das kommt wohl aus der Cafe del Mar Schiene. Das "Accident in Paradise" Album ist sowieso sehr vielfältig, ich mag das bei Musikern. Da findet man dann neben diesem Ibiza Sound Stücke wie "An Accident in Paradise", das sich fast anhört wie Front 242:

As you say, Sven meant and still means a lot for Techno. One of the first picking up this music style in Europe. Build up and out Cocoon, from booking, management, record labels, to popularise Amnesia club at Ibiza, around the world travel of festivals, to opening his own club in Frankfurt. D*rn, he did a lot. And he played a LOT as well. Before he had a kid and all, he played 4 to 5 times a week, all over the world. In the techno scene, everybody should know him, by default :) Personally, I don't always like his music, often I don't too much like what he plays, but I've heard sets coming from his hands that made goosebumps all over my body for the entire duration of his set. Usually, this happened when Sven decided to play a full-on techno set. Sven created from Frankfurt a Techno city :) By now, many artists moved to Berlin, and the legendary Frankfurt-based techno clubs are gone (Omen, U60). But Sven is still around! :)

In den frühen 90ern war Sven Väth für mich der DJ schlechthin. Er hat einfach Charisma!

Für mich auch, es gab Sven und eben noch PvD, Spoon und natürlich Dag!

Gonna get stuck into this one

I am in the mood these "home working / schooling" days to listen a lot more to awesome sound carpets again

Yes same here when I do my radio shows I always try to keep it on a Chill one then end up always somewhere halfway through getting into techno ahaha it’s my inner soul wanting that dancing energy instead of just lockdown

I see indeed we have a lot in common :-)

yes mate it definitely seems so, lovely selections as always


I really must check in on your posts more regularly. This is so great!

Sven Vath rocked my world a long time ago :)

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This brought me back, I do love a good dance and have some great memories of dancing up a storm in the 90's (and still going strong I might add lol). Wanted to yell out TUNE many times during this first mix. Thanks for this @uwelang xxxx