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Another great talent

I am so glad to discover more and more talents in the electronic music / DJ space - today from an area you would not expect Techno - please enjoy Sama' Abdulhadi, the local Techno queen. Fun to listen to her sounds - i had to dance (what is possible with my knee) to this for the last 2 hours - hope you like it as well!

She recently had her Boiler Room debut:

Who is Sama' Abdulhadi?

I really just discovered her and these sounds are making me happy sitting on my German bench suffering from teeth pain. What I found about the DJane is quite stunning and impressive. So Sama is a famous young female artist from the Palestinian underground scene and the first Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer.

She started mixing in 2006 in parties around Ramallah, Palestine, and started producing her own music and expanding her interest in synthesis in 2010, with a focus on Electronic Music, more specifically Techno, House, and other deeper sub-genres.

Her sound: a powerful punchy techno, dry and musical all at once, , with a very unique twist of her own

In 2011, she moved to the UK to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering and Music Production from S.A.E. London, further improving her technical skills and releases some albums there.

After her first success in Europe she kicked her career in Cairo becoming Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Audio Trainer, and Sound Designer for movies followed by founding a publishing company that represends indie artists of the Arab region.

There is a lot more interesting stuff about this lady - a lot respect for her path given her background. Hope this will not result in any political discussion here - but even if it would prove some actually reads content here.

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I'm only 7 minutes into that first set in the Monegros Desert, and I'm already following her on Soundcloud! Good stuff, definitely! Love these posts where you introduce us to new music! 😊

Im on 10min and just going to do exactly the same ;)

edit @thekittygirl I do not know if you're still listening but track that begins around 50min blew me away. what a banger. this DJ is good!

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That was, indeed, a good track in the mix! 😃
It was: "PROPHET" by Markantonio & Spartaque


Nono. I mean the next one, comes in with a proper vibe around 51:10

I am so glad to hear this, thx a lot!

14 years on the stage of Palestinian Underground Electronic Scene. Crazy. Its hardly to imagine how difficult and dangerous is to live in this place but still there are people with such a power to devote themselves to the art.(Even beside that around 9 years she was abroad). Very interesting post man!

Agreed, you have to have a huge passion and will, patience and strengt to do this in a certain environment

you just remind me a great documentary movie Raving Iran, about difficulties for techno artists in Iran. Trailer below

another great discovery from @uwewlang :)

she seems like a warrior and sounds amazing.

Thanks man! Yes indeed, strong lady!