Rock Star or Gamer in Sanitarium?

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Rocking a Blockchain Game

This headline is strange, you are right! You are damn right - having not posted since 4 days on Hive and especially not a lot about my main thing - music - I am now feeling to combine too much into one lol - however let me play one of the best songs of Metallica hinting at an addictive game called Rising Star where your aim is to become a music star or eventually end in sanitarium as you forget all other things of life around you!

How to become a Star in this Game?

Oh well - you need time, enthusiasm and a love for music. The game is a great combination of missions (such as Holybread), Cards (like Splinterlands) plus supports promotion for hive musicians that can enter their music here - you can earn a dedicated crypto and sell / buy items in the game with several other tokens such as Beer or DEC - addicitive it is.

Given I run the music community on Hive and am Gaming addict here (just saying Splinterlands) this is of course a must for me - thanks again for creating this @risingstargame.

My stats below - Level 25

Still working daily to climb up, at least I can now do my first skill set - fingers crossed for all players out there. I can now finally do first local gigs - to go on a real country tour and have a band play takes still! Patience! Rock on Music community and join the Game - fun plus music, what else you want!?

Screen Shot 20200807 at 22.45.33.png

Join the Game here:
(Use my referral link if you want to support our music community)
Check their official Discord:

Check the Music Community on Hive - join here

Music community


I'm up to level 45 now. Too many fans becomes an issue as you progress. Having to take lessons to get my skill up.

Level 45 - wow, that was fast!!!

@slobberchops started at the same time, but is on 70+. He got lucky with some card packs which can help progress. The XP boosters are useful. Then if you get lots of fans you get more Starbits per mission and can buy more cards. I can probably buy a couple of packs per week with what I'm making there, but I don't want to be on all day doing 5 minute missions, so I run some longer ones too.

i am also buying a lot cards but even with a lot fans i have the EGO issue so I put some cards on the market but still not many Starbits

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