Rock Classics #41 - White Lion

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My Rock past got me again

Time for another edition of my #RockClassics series also for #MetalWeekend - here a band which could fit into this glam hard rock genre of the late 1980ies - I was buying a vinyl back in 1987 called "Pride". -the band was new to me that time - it is their second album.

Pride is the second studio album of White Lion released on June 21, 1987, by Atlantic Records.The album featured the two top ten hits "Wait" and "When the Children Cry" and peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard 200 (album charts) and remained there for a full year, totals sales was two million copies in the US alone.

I was listening to this album for over a year - every song has its class which was a good thing of these times - who of you knows them at all?

About their career

White Lion was a combined US-Danish band with the @denmarkguy (sorry had to do this) on the front, the icon of the band is Mike Tramp, vocalist from Denmark originally. He founded it, had a solo career thereafter, re-united the band - then the usual issues came up between band members, legal stuff etc - but we should enjoy the music they gave us.

Apart form doing typing hard rock sounds one thing was a bit different by White Lion compared to other bands of the genre - they had a social or a streak of public spirit and recorded occasional songs "that addressed social or political issues such as apartheid, the war in El Salvador amongst others. The following track "Little Fighter" was about the Greenpeace ship "Rainbow Warrior" after a destructive incident with the French political power.

I still like to listen to this - even recognizing it is 80ies lol.

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I didn't know them, I'm from a little further back. I listened and I still listen to those who may have been the forerunners of metal. Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. That's where I stayed.

Look at that hair!, from the time when dudes had enormous white rugs for hair hehe.., not heard of these dudes.. I'm listening while I do some curation.

These hair styles are truely "interesting" - hope you like the sounds. Happy curating