Music Monday - not the typical Monday Trance

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Monday is for.....Music

Given my DJ past and love for Techno and Trance I mainly posted (if I had time on these Monday's) about Trance, Hard Trance and some of these commercially sounding tracks our friend @edje always can tell why it is no real cool electronic music :-).

But do not get this wrong, our Dutch friend is awesome, was a little Monday joke (given I am German this does not even sound funny).

Music Community is wider now

..ok wider sounds stupid, strange and not clear. The ones following us might have read about a litte re-vamp some months ago where we introduced an official community account that votes, re-blogs and comments. The community is aiming to support any great music content no matter if in our music community or somewhere else on Hive, important is quality of content (even it is about Rap lol).

Support by OCD helps

Great that we get support by OCD - thanks @acidyo - we usually select max 2 great content pieces within our music community per day to be curated by OCD. Given we curate this OCD part only within the community I strongly recommend you guys to create fab content with a little bit more than just a YT or 3Speak link - create a story around it at least and we are happy to suggest great posts for OCD curation. We got some great content and curation within the last week already which you can check in our community curated content area.

Monday Music finally

There might have been some posts around that - pretty pretty pretty sure - Monday is perfect for Blue Monday by New Order, I was young when the song came out. I loved it, this drum perfection only, and I still love the original (BELOW) but also am a fan of certain new versions / remixes (ABOVE) - some sound even trancy - enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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Darauf die Musiker Hymne:


our friend @edje always can tell why it is no real cool electronic music

HaHaHa... No worries... LOL

New Order

Now you are onto something. Classic track you shared and love it. Owww owwww, this makes me wanna be at a small cozy club or festival with likeminded, listening (ad from time to time dancing) to a good old disco electro set.

Die Version von Sebastian kannte ich noch nicht. ;-)

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