Introducing Takeshi Sato - Tech(no) House made in Japan

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Electronic Sounds from Japan - new to me

Time to re-start introducing interesting turntable artists from around the world. While I covered many countries I was short on Techno DJs from the land of the rising sun - but here we go with an interesting act.

Takeshi Sato was born in Sapporo and started his techno DJ career back in 2000. A famous guy which we do not mention advised him to move to Catalunya. Having landed in Barcelona he was influenced by some different avantgarde style techno artists and he brought back his experience to Japan. His influence helped to create some new electronic music scene in Japan and nowadays he is a regular resident and guest DJ across Spain and Japan. His sounds are worth to listen - it is not the typical European techno style - curious on your thoughts. I personally love his work with Spektral - nice sounds!

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