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In all the posts I published in my Monday Music series I've talked about music that I found particular liking to. So today, I would like to focus on the opposite: a kind of music that makes my hair stand on end. Sure, there are lots of genres like that, and each region has their own. Here in Mexico one such musical direction is called Banda.

The Kind of Music That's Played by a Band

So what is Banda, really? As you would guess, the word simply means band in Spanish, which is restricted to a certain type of band: brass and wood wind instruments with lots of percussion. If you are thinking of polka right now, you are actually closer than you think. After all, according to Mexican lore it was the second emperor Maximiliano who brought this style with him from Europe in the 1860's. And coming from the Habsburg family, the Alpine influence can't be ignored.

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The truth is, that it was not just Emperor Max who was so fond of the sound of tubas and trumpets. At that time there was a great influx of German immigrants to Mexico, who brought their music with them. Still today banda's resemblance to German folk music is uncanny, even though both styles had evolved quite a bit since they split.

Banda for the Nacos

As I mentioned in my first paragraph, banda is by no means my favorite style. Sure, like most things that you're exposed to unwittingly it has grown on me a bit. Still, I would never put on banda just to listen to it. It's enough if one of my neighbors plays it full blast, just to ruin a perfectly quiet morning.

I guess each place has its equivalent in this regard. Often it's not the music's fault that it happens to fall into the culture of the listener, who in turn tends to be from a rural place, lack general interest or even regard in the outside world, but be more proud of these things than they deserve. The term used for this subculture in Mexico is naco, that is without an 'r'. Narco on the other hand implies that they are part of an organized crime group, which they may be independently from being a bumpkin.

The Rising Popularity of Banda

Since we're talking about traditional music, enjoyed by country people, it may come as a surprise that throughout the 20th century banda has been of comparatively little importance, regionally confined to the State of Sinaloa. It was only towards the 90's that it started getting popular in other regions, including the United States and Central America.

Though a banda group would play anything from military marches to salsa music, the typical, and most popular musical styles are Norteña, Durangense, and Corridos. Especially the latter style, featuring epic tales of love, betrayal, as well as the typical situation from the Mexican border, including illegal immigration and drug smuggling, is often referred to as Narcorridos. Of course such a music has to be popular among young guys from the country dreaming about being gang-bangers.

The other reason behind the popularity of banda is the fact that it has been pushed with insane amounts of money being pumped into it by US based recording studios, made big and powerful by their owners who use it as a convenient way to launder money. Which once again brings us back to the narcos...

The Changing Style of Banda

As all things go, the more popular banda music got, the more it started to change. Of course, you couldn't ignore the obvious effects of its young audience. So while the genre looks back soberly on a rich tradition, its most modern interpretation is less conservative, more flexible, and in a way cooler, more modern.

Take Christian Nodal for example. In the video of his song Se Me Olvidó he seems like a typical guy from the sticks who's even making fun of it a little. At the same time nobody minds his tattoos, or his generally urban demeanor.

In spite of all its incarnations, banda music still hasn't quite captured my heart... yet! I guess I still need to hear the right songs in the right moments, have my nostalgia built up a bit, and then I might be happy to blast it at top volume to share a perfect morning with my neighbors... or maybe not.

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Hahaha, that guy Christin Nodal is a funny one 😂 I can not see his video in another way just as a parody. Am I wrong actually? 😂

Here in Spain, there are bandas as well, but it is totally different music they play. Especially in the region I live, almost every town has its own banda, made up of professional and amateur musicians. Something like this is one typical concert that a Banda here offers. It is a bit longer video, but worth skipping some parts if you don't have time and listening what kind of music is considered here as banda music.


Olé! That does sound a lot like Spain!
I love the clapping by the percussionists, plus the fact that a symphonic orchestra plays such tunes.

Olé, jeje! I liked to go to concerts whenever there were held. Once I participated with such kind of orchestra (thou they like to call it banda), we played Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. That was great.


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Thanks for the wine. :-) Usually I like to tip with !BEER but I understand that we all have our favorite drinks.

Congrats on playing the Carmina Burana in the Banda! I'm sure it must have been amazing.

Btw, I agree: that song by Christian Nodal is an obvious parody of self, as well as the whole banda style.

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

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Regardless of being from Mexico and not feeling the local music, I can assure you, this music also gets my hair up... and not because I used a lot of gel or something hahahaha Seems a lot of 'locals' do like this music, the uberfull concert at the second clip, d*rn.

Maybe I shall write about the same category of music (well not banda, but my local music) that seems to be popular in my country... That said, it'll be a 'horrible' experience for me since I have to select some music for such a post. Will need to find the 'strength' in me, to do so hahaha

This is a great idea, @edje: writing about horrible, annoying music. That's what I'll do next. I'd also like to read about your local music from your country. (Which country and music style is it?)

Hahahaha, am still not sure if I ever will write about my countries shitty music. It's The Netherlands btw. But please, be my guest, I like to read and hear more from your end 🙃

Music from the Netherlands... Bambix? (female punk group from 20 years ago) Okay, that's it, I can't think of anything else. But I'm sure they must have some really horrible music from rural areas, on par with Musikantenstadl from Germany.

What you think of this?

And the modern variant by making it more Gabber (Hardcore)

Oh lord, I knew it! Dick van de Fritüte is already pretty horrible, surfacing all those memories from Germany I hoped I'd forgotten! But Mental Theo raises it to a whole new level still. Now I'm certain: in my next Monday Music post I'll have to address some truly horrible music!

Hahahaha, you know mental Theo.... Better to forget about that guy hahaha
Let the horrific music dominate our HIVE chain {LOL}

Our ears can be so tuned to certain music culturally - banda of course does nothing for me, but I don't have emotional attachment to it. I might do if I lived it, and you might even feel nostaglic when you hear it one day, far from Mexico City! Fascinating read though - like you I have a very eclectic taste in music, and appreciate many different genres. Sadly, only the first clip worked for me - the rest were 'unavailable' here. Although, judging by your reluctance to like it, that doesnt sound like a bad thing.

They're unavailable??? No...
Okay, the first one is already a great example for the music (which everyone listens to), the ranchero lifestyle (representing only a fraction of its fans), and a bunch of druglord fantasies. Still, I recommend you to do a search for Se Me Olvidó by Christian Nodal, just to get an impression of the self parody of all this. I bet you'd find it funny too.
How is it anyway that certain videos are banned in certain places? Did the Australian authorities censor Mexican banda for being Covid critical? (You don't see them wearing any masks, that's for sure.)

I have no idea! I don't think it's censorship of particular political beliefs, just probably licencing?

No, it's fine, I have had quite enough of banda for one year with half a song :P

Hahaha, and you don't even have neighbors who ruin your mornings with it!