Sitar Saturday - The Optimist

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Here is an improvisation on my Hiren Roy sitar. I just improvised to a 120 bpm metronome playing whatever came to mind. I recorded both a direct signal via dtar pickups on the body of the sitar as well as audio via the zoom h6 xy capsule microphone. Later I added some slight phaser effects to the direct signal of the sitar via bias fx 2.

Next I created all the other tracks to go along with the improvisation. I have four tracks of Indian drums via my Roland Handsonic. I also have a sample tank guzheng VST track to harmonize with the drone of the sitar. Towards the end of the song I bring in my Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody I with some delay and reverb on it.

Overall this improvisation has an optimistic upbeat kind of mood to it, hence the name The Optimist. Thanks for listening :-)

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Yah! We need lots of optimism! Very dicey time with fuzzy energy!

Yeah for sure, gotta combat the psych warfare with positive vibes.

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Thanks :-)

I really liked your improvisation, it doesn't look easy to play the instrument. several hours of editing are noted to make the video. very well .



Sitar is fairly easy to play but hard to master.

how much money does it cost?

They can be found at all different cost points but you can find a decently built one for around 500-600 usd. The one I have is from the 60s, it is an antique built by Hiren Roy and Sons, the same guys who built George Harrison's Sitar from the Beatles. I have no idea what mine is worth probably around 1000.

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Thanks guys :-)