New Tunes, 19.1.2021

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Hello music lovers! πŸ“» 🎧 🎀 🎢 🎼 πŸ“’

I hope you have a good time and that you listen to a lot of music. After all, there’s nothing else to do if you’re in lockdown. Otherwise, I have had enough of everything, but we will be patient for a few more weeks.


In the meantime, we will continue to listen to the melodies and sounds of musical creation. This selection is also various, but there is more slow music than fast.
If you like anything, I'll be happy. 😎

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Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

The Arctic Monkeys are one of the few indie bands that have succeeded globally and I mean that literally. Eg. this video has over a billion views. The song is, of course, unique and eternal.

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Willie Nelson - That's Life

Very fresh, published a few days ago. Willie Nelson probably doesn’t need to be specifically introduced. In fact, if anyone doesn't know it, they should just spin it on YouTube. And I’m sure that Frank Sinatra would enjoy in listen to the cover of his piece.

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Harry Nilsson - Gotta Get Up

I wouldn't know Harry Nilsson if I didn't watch the Russian Doll series where a young woman in New York City keeps dying and returning to the party. Great composer, musician, and performer. The Beatles said he was their favorite musician.

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Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

I could almost argue that if it weren’t for the Bauhaus there would be neither minimal techno nor gothic rock.
But, those were other times when Bauhaus was one of the few European bands that differed from the general rock sound and were listened to by progressives and the avant-garde.

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Tuxedomoon - In a Manner of Speaking

Another band, an American, who flirted with the avant-garde and sounds very European to me. Tuxedomoon, of San Francisco, began experimenting in the late 1970s. I think it was their most famous piece. They have quite a few covers, Nouvelle Vague, Tal & Reut, Martin Gore, Alice Phoebe Lou, INK ...
Well, I don't know where to put it. Rock? Dark? Postpunk? Indie? Shoegaze? Their influence is felt in all of these genres.

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Hooverphonic - Mad About You

Here is another timeless love song backed by the entire orchestra. An exceptional singer, a top band, a string orchestra, a good production. What else should I add?

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Mogwai - Ritchie Sacramento

This Scottish post-rock band with their harmonic guitars, echoes, and other effects creates specific soundscapes in each song separately. Pretty shoegaze.

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PUTAN CLUB - State of French Capitalism

This is the 1st video I posted that has a warning that's not appropriate for al users ... it's not new (but it's new for me), about one year old. Well, I don't care about the video but I hear the strong rock bass line as band No means No has. That's violence in a video in French Republic, just to know, as you can see we are not far from it globally either, if not worse ...

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Hooverphonic! WOOHOO... Love this band!
Tuxedomoon: Never heard of this one, but sounds interesting enough to further explore.
Same for Bauhaus: Added to my Spotify for further research. You say Techno? I understand why, but the parts in the track that sounds electronic, I would rather say more experimental electronics :)

Yeah, agree about Bauhaus, I just want to say that they have a big impact on techno, precisely first to Joy Division members and then to New Order, which starts with techno events...


Nice selection, thanks

Thank you, @nikalaich for the comment. Glad you like it. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 😎

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