Cowboy Junkies Live At Dakota Jazz Club

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I met this Canadian band through their adaptation of “Sweet Jane” by Velvet Underground. I immediately liked it and it resonated in my head for quite some time. Well, then I started following them. Not exactly regularly, but you know, all of a sudden you get fed up with some music and then you go back and look for something more classical, in rock music I mean.


Basically, has quite a large collection of their recordings, they have a lot of fans who actively monitor, record, and also publish the recordings (similar to Grateful Dead fans).

This performance was recorded on 2019-04-11, on Tascam DR701D 6-channel audio recorder and with Schoeps MK41 microphones. The sound is great, clear.


The recordings are mostly under the (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) license, which means that you can download and listen to them but not modify them nor sell.
I have to thank @ecency and @good-karma for making it possible for us to listen to this right away in the browser.


Or, you can listen to (or download) directly at if you don't have support.

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That's what you call the classical side of rock! The song you've shared here, I really like. Her voice is cool, the arrangement super minimal, but gives me this vibe of... hmmm.... don't know how to say it, but like the song :)

Never really checked Archive.Org... Still am a bit puzzled what this is about. It's the history of the Internet, but as you mentioned, people use it for new content so it seems and it has this media players and plugin players, like now also supported by the interface. Is the history of Internet stepping up its game and providing a not so historical archive of the Internet? is huge... I don't know how to answer your question but they add regularly media products that come under the Public Domain. And, as someone mentioned somewhere (I think William Gibson in Wired, a few years ago) we're living now in the era of recycling so we can easily adapt everything old into digital form and share ...

Did a little bit of searching wrt music and found a great EP by one of my favourite electronic music artists! Some of the tracks are also available on YT and other music platforms, but not all as far as I could find. Soon I'll write a post around this EP and will use the source.

Cool. I'm waiting to hear! 😎

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