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Wrong is a progressive experimental rock band from Guatemala City formed in 2015. They do not have a vocalist; their thing is to experiment purely through heavy riffs, melodies and crazy pedals and effects. The case you see in some of the shots is Mono's (the guitarist's) pedalboard case; yeah, it's huge!
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The band's first album Liber AL vel Legis is inspired in Aleister Crowley's Thelema, so all tracks make reference the writings and philosophy of the text.

This one... the second track is simply titled THELEMA.

For the release of the album, they got in contact with french performance artist, Olivier de Sagazan who after listening to the album sent the band a copy of this amazing performance to use as visuals for the concert:

Wrong and Oricalkos (band which @bexe is part of) are close friends, and both are recording at Recording Box. Here's a live stream Bexe did a few weeks ago (in Spanish):


They are constantly displaying props such as Baphomet stuffed animals. More for show than anything else. They are really easy going, kind human beings. I think they are probably just... less religious than others and decided to poke a little fun in a society that pays millions to stadium preachers and the like.

We are in the process of recording the band's second concept album which still does not have a title.
we'll keep you posted with updates on production.

There are still no venues open for live music, so we've decided to share some music from HQ with you.

This session was recorded live right here in the studio and mixed by yours truly.

no goats or children were harmed during this encounter


#Guitar: Mono
#Bass: Pepe
#Drums: Claudio

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Wow... These are the things that keep surprising me, getting this kind of work is not always easy to find in this big beehive. What a great rock! \m/

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Thank you kindly!
do you have a link to where this is being shared? We're all about supporting music, but I can't seem to find your post.