Adrictive - Down-tempo set at Recording Box

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Recording Box sets during the pandemic

So in order to keep the studio busy during this strange pandemic, we've been collaborating our friends at Abnormal Lab TV and with some amazing artists who've come in to share some amazing music with us.

Since we are unable to put together a live event with a crowd, we've decided to decorate the live room at Recording Box and have the DJ come in alone. Our Guest today is Adrian, otherwise known as Adrictive

A little about our guest

His parents were always musically inclined, and introduced the young Adrian to classic rock.

His father, who was a big rock fan, would gravitate to music that where considered by him creations of artistic expressions rather than creations of acceptance.

at 18, He went to study marine biology in Chile and discovered downtempo electronic music mixed with tradicional music from the Andes.

the old meets the new, if you will.

He started investigating artists such as:

And atending some central american festivals such as Cosmic Convergence in Lake Atitlán and Envision in Costa Rica.

Today, Adrictive has brought part of what he’s discovered on his journey to share with us today.

please enjoy.

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