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RE: A litte Tech House from the studio to you! <3

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Owwww, why not recording more while in lockdown, or are you guys not even allowed to go to the studio? Some social distancing must be possible in the studio? Cool project BTW!


hey @qsounds thanks for stopping by!

yes! today I had a session with a trance DJ named Alexis Levar from Holland who is currently living in Guatemala. It was only us in the studio and he did a 1 hour set. I'm trying to see where I can take this. We discussed doing it again next month and maybe turning into a monthly thing, maybe we can get some more DJs on board.

Alexis Levar at RB.jpeg

I really appreciate your comment

Sounding cool! Hahaha, Dutch DJs invading Guatemala! They are everywhere! :)
Hope you'll be able to set something up. Good idea and I think next to Boiler Room (and there is another one I believe that acts worldwide) is always room for more.