Movie music. Edward Artemiev. "At home among strangers, stranger among friends" [eng/rus]

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Here again is the age-old dilemma - what can be written about Music. It is foolish to try to convey emotions from listening to what is being created in other, higher, spheres with routine letters ... It's like an old joke: "And I didn't like your Caruso at all, I somehow sang Rabinovich ... nothing special .."))Therefore, in this cycle, created mainly for the purpose of acquainting our foreign friends with the work of Russian (Soviet) composers, I try to give only a brief information about the film itself, a kind of libretto ...

Nikita Mikhalkov's "At Home Among Strangers, A Stranger Among Ours" (1994 Oscar for Burnt by the Sun) was released in 1974 and, despite the disapproval of film officials and a style unusual for Soviet cinema, eventually became "cult." And this "cultness" only strengthens from generation to generation, since the film is "for all time", it can be watched endlessly ... We grow all our life, what seems "unshakable" today turns to dust tomorrow. The topic of male friendship is one of the most difficult ...

We, representatives of the older generations, walked many roads through this life, knew many people, some of whom were considered friends ... But what is friendship, where does it begin and where, and most importantly how , ends? We have already buried many of our friends. There are those who, at some point, were chickened out or betrayed ... There are those with whom the silly litter "about nothing" ... Therefore, when you review the shots "One's among strangers .." to the magic music of Artemyev, images of friends appear before your eyes, you immerse yourself in memories and tears involuntarily come to your eyes ...

Take care of yourself and take care of Friendship ..

So, this is a fragment of the film

And this is a concert recording, a talented boy, Nevretdinov Ilyas, is soloing on the trumpet. Both the film director and the composer are in the hall. And everyone, as usual, has a crush on our eyes ...

Музыка кино. Эдуард Артемьев. "Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих"

Вот опять извечная дилемма - что можно написать о Музыке . Глупо же пытаться рутинными буковками передать эмоции от прослушивания того, что создается в других, высших, сферах...

Это как в анекдоте старом: " А мне ваш Карузо вообще не понравился, мне как то Рабинович напел...ничего особенного.."))

Поэтому в этом цикле, созданном в основном с целью ознакомления наших иностранных друзей с творчеством российских ( советских) композиторов, я пытаюсь давать лишь краткую справку о самом фильме, своеобразное либретто...

"Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих" Никиты Михалкова ( "Оскар" 1994 за фмльм "Утомленные солнцем") вышел в 1974 и , несмотря на неодобрение киночиновников и непривычную для советского кино стилистику, стал со временем "культовым". И эта "культовость" лишь укрепляется от поколения к поколению, поскольку фильм - "на все времена", его можно пересматривать бесконечно...Мы растем всю жизнь, то что сегодня кажется "незыблимым", завтра обращается в пыль. Тема мужской дружбы - одна из самых сложных...Мы, представители старших поколений, прошагали по этой жизни много дорог, знали многих людей, некоторых из которых считали друзьями...Но что есть Дружба, где она начинается и где , а главное как, заканчивается?

Многих друзей -приятелей уже мы схоронили. Есть и такие, что в какой то период струсили либо предали...Есть такие, с которыми развела глупая сорра "ни о чём" ...

Поэтому, когда пересматриваешь кадры "Свой среди чужых.." под волшебную музыку Артемьева, перед тобой встают образы друзей, погружаешься в воспоминания и на глаза невольно наворачиваются слёзы...

Берегите себя и берегите Дружбу...

Be kind !


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Some cool shares you've done here. Need to find a way to get to the movie. I was surprised to see the movie plays in much older times than the 70s, or at least that is what I think.

Yes, the film is worth watching, though not convinced that it will be close and understandable to you, foreign viewers, there are too many nuances associated with our history and our mentality ... For example, having watched it for the first time in my childhood, I did not understand it ... And only with age, I began to review it almost every year ... You need to search in your torrent trackers, I don't know how it all works in the West)) Thank you for recalling))

I'll have to do some digging. Not sure if I like to use torrent. Newsgroups may have it. Or hidden somewhere at YT :) I think I got it:

There will be time, we will also talk about Dutch cinema, I adore Verhoeven ... And one of the favorite children's books - "Kees -Admiral of Tulips", about the siege of Leiden by the Spaniards, I will make a post somehow until I find a profile community Well, "The Legend of Thiel" is a reference book, I know by heart

Owww cool, you are familiar with some of the stuff coming from my tiny country 🙃 Wondering: You may know more than I {LOL} Obviously I watched quite a few Dutch movies, but still, you seem to know your way around as well 🙃 Didn't know about the movie Kees Admiral of Tulips... Listening an interview from 2013 in which they state: This story is written by a Russian writer. This shows again how close connected Russia and the Netherlands are regardless of the political climate and all 😉

No, I didn't write about the film, but about the children's book, a friend gave it to me in first grade (now a professor of mathematics, lives in Boston))) Well, about Holland, I, of course, know a lot, I'm a historian))

Well, about Holland, I, of course, know a lot, I'm a historian

That makes sense! Didn't know this 😉

about the children's book

Tha makes sense as well 😉 I understood indeed it was a Russian writer, didn't know it was (also) turned into a children book. Interesting to learn, children got/get a little bit of knowledge about the Netherlands! Nice 🙃

Da ist der Hund begraben ))


The title of the film "At home among strangers, a stranger among friends" was translated, according to Wikipedia, as "At Home among Strangers", "At home among strangers, a stranger among his own" or "A friend among foes, a foe among friends" ... By analogy, "one among one's own" can be "at home among his own" or "a friend among friends", but here it is also not as universal as in Russian.

But it's easier to search in Google for the filmography of the Oscar-winning (and laureate of all prestigious film festivals), Hero of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov, this is his debut work

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