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RE: Music industry: Digital has become a life insurance

in Music3 months ago

Yeah this is why I was going to be encouraging Hive as an additional revenue stream and grow an audience here. Seems now more than ever would be a good time to assess options in the wake of Coronavirus and online presence is so important in any case, why not look into alternative sites?

Another potential is Emanate that I'm looking at which is music streaming site but is very much in alpha.

However, all the online options out there cannot be beaten by the live performance. That collective energy, everyone there to have a good time and enjoy the music, maybe with some magic "supplements" to go with... Amazing! Really hope these live events come back


Thanks mate - Emanate I know since a while never checked but seems a legit alternative - live performances have to be optional also digital - will drive some innovation. I see it in my job, new thinking, new ideas, new solutions.

I can see live streams with great options for interaction on the live show, like tipping and all that stuff with tokens but sounds like you are ahead of the game a little bit there!

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