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Still In The Woods

I've been a real "social media" recluse in January ever since work started up again and it's been all hands on deck (and incredibly stressful) to get to the end of the month but thankfully, there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. Not going to go into details but there's a lot going on, burnout has basically hit me hard even after stepping back a bit from online stuff and sometimes, you just have to look after yourself!

Anyway, what I really want to say is that I've also managed to find some motivation to get back to the music studio and remembered I scheduled some releases before things got insane! I've had a couple of trance music releases this year already and there's another 3 in the pipeline, along with a Drum & Bass release scheduled as part of EMA's Future Sounds Anthology Vol 2.0 getting released in February.

If you can't wait until tomorrow then you can hear the two tracks, "End of an Era" and "Invader" on my Spotify below - be sure to follow me there so you are primed for new releases of Trance and Liquid Drum & Bass from me:



Enjoy, @nickyhavey!!

Thanks Fiona! Should be fun 🙂

I really enjoyed this one, thanks for making excellent entertaining content. Stay safe in these strange and unusual times.

Thanks a lot man! I'll keep doing what I can 😁 hope you are staying safe too

Sounds awesome and I missed it again

Thanks man! Going through a bit of a trance music release phase at the moment! I think they just shared the show recording now on if you wanted to catch up

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