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Miss Tantrum

Back in 2017 (if I recall), I was part of a record label called Deep Down Dirty run by the industrious Maya Stone (bless you and the gang) and there was a popular female producer that Maya put me in contact with called Miss Tantrum who was planning on releasing a 3 track EP called "Start Again". Maya had managed to get the individual elements of the tracks from Miss Tantrum and I listened through all these heavy weight BEASTS of music and see what I could do to add a liquid dnb flavour to them.

The one that stood out to me was the headline track of the EP called "Start Again" and I tried to mimic the bassline of the original with a deep pad that I'd then morph in to my own style as the track progressed. In the end, I actually ended up just using Miss Tantrum's vocals and the rest was my own doing but having listened to the EP multiple times, I'm nowhere near the level of production skills of this talented woman so I bow down to her greatness! Here are a few short clips of her EP for you to have your appetite whetted:

Start Again Remix

With my trance background, I wanted to put my own spin on it and after getting feedback from Maya when she passed on my version, I was told I could put it up for free download on Soundcloud when I'd finished mastering it... 3 years ago! Lol, well, it's taken me this long to get it finished and mastered but I hope it was worth the wait! Click the down arrow in the player below for the freebie:

In the current climate, starting the life we once knew again is something that goes without saying - I know this year has a lot to answer for. However, I'll do my best to keep the positive vibes going with the tunes and now that my music PC is back from having a brand spanking new power unit put in (it is SO much quieter now), I think I'll start again with the tunes and radio shows too!

Hope you enjoy the track and take care!


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Thanks a lot mate! Glad you enjoyed this - think it would be up your street with the more chilled, deep vibe!

Love that mixing perfection!

Thanks a lot man! Really happy to hear you enjoyed this!

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