New Trance Music – “End of an Era”

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Time For Change

I’m sure we’re all ready for a bit of change given the year that 2020 was but in keeping up the whole “new year, time for a change” theme that always pops up this time of year, I’m going for a new genre to kick 2021 off! I mentioned I was going to get back to my Trance influences a couple of days ago and so, here we are!

This is my first real production venture in to a genre that I was heavily into from 1999-2004 which I call trance but is probably a bit of trance house. The track was born from the many times I’ve changed things in my life from one era to the next.

Each time one era ends, it’s always an emotional moment, whether elated about getting out of a situation or sad to see things change. Trying to capture both of those emotions in this upbeat, deep house/trance track was a challenge but I hope that comes across – have a listen here:


Release Information

Release Date: 1st January 2021
ISRC: USLZJ2062276
Label: Electronic Alliance Records
Apple Music

I hope you enjoy this new release! Let me know what you think in the comments below – oh and have as good a 2021 as possible!



Trance for sure. Not sure if I hear house-ish elements. I hear ambient dreamy elements a lot though. But who cares how this track is categorised :) Pretty fast beat and melody. Gives me a kinda feeling it was produced with a slower pace after which you pitched the whole thing up... But that may have to do with the fact the uptempo beat is something returning in the electronic music side of things.

Thanks for checking it out man! Yeah I think trance probably wins out here. I've probably been too engrossed in Drum & Bass that I've forgotten the nuances of genres - it's important to know when submitting tracks off to Spotify for editorial playlists and also DJs and Radio Show hosts of a specific genre may not consider you again if you "mislabel" but I'd go with trance as you nailed it with the dreamy ambiance description!

I normally produce tracks in the 174 BPM range and this is about 135 BPM so something much slower from me but I actually quite liked the slower pace for a change (for me anyway haha)!

You think that more uptempo music is returning to the scene? I hear a lot more drum and bass style drum beats in mainstream TV programs these days, on BBC especially noticeable so maybe I should submit some tracks off to BBC Introducing!

Owww didn't realise one has to be 'spot-on' in describing and categorising songs for Spotify. Never really thought about how they go about categorising. I would thought they would do Netflix style, ie using a large team of reviewers and categorisers. But I guess, that's no the way they work.

135bpm {LOL}

Back in the 90s and early 2000 this would be the amount of bpm for Techno and I suppose for some fast Trance. Then everything became soooo much slower, down to 120 bpm while house stepped up a tat and much started to sound the same. When indeed producing D&B, 135 bpm is nothing 🤣🤣🤣

You think that more uptempo music is returning to the scene?

It depends on what you mean with 'the scene'. I myself am a techno fan and techno is becoming a tat faster again last few years. I remember a club night (well, more a day) not too long ago (must have been at least 1 or maybe even 2 years ago 😢) at which I heard sets being played at 130 bpm or something and thought: "This is pretty fast to dance to, but I like it! I missed it big time!"

Regarding TV shows and how they select music, I have no idea. They may use agencies specifically focussing on selecting the music that goes along with whatever program. They may have their own sound guys. Being bold and sending your work, never hurts and may even be appreciated 🙃

Yeah that "genre" thing is important depending on how big the station is. A lot of the ones I'm familiar with have a very specific audience but for Spotify it's also important - some of those playlists have a lot of followers (over 250k) and I managed to get a couple of tracks on there which raised my profile massively!

Haha, yeah the late 90s and early 2000s is when I first started listening in to trance and it was around this speed, so I was surprised when some said "oh your trance is faster than most", I was like... whattttt! This is how I remember it 😆

Ah if you're a Techno fan, check out Miss Efemby on Twitter - she does a weekly show I think - 2 or 3 hours! I think she mixes at about 130 BPM so can bring back some good memories for you!

I miss the raves man, was hoping to get to one last year but maybe will do when things open up again - fingers crossed on that!

Probably going to have to look in to that a bit more, would be amazing to be featured in a game or TV show or advert!

Aha yah... Pretty cool you made it to this high profile playlists! I guess, thats not easy to achieve and must give those on it a lot of exposure. Super Cool!

Thanks for the link to this lady; Will check it out.

If you like to get a flavour of what I like, you can check out these lists below... I think 75% electronic music, and maybe 40 to 50% techno and some electro. One or two trance boys in the list as well: a techno-ish mix album by Tiesto before he became super famous with his Trance, and Sasha (AirDawnDagger); Both albums I really like though I usually don't like Trance genre to much (at least not the Trance we all know and got so popular back in the days; that said enough Trance out there that is kinda cool).

qsounds music & story library | A...K | L...Z |

Yesterday I read in the news two Rave parties ongoing, one in Northern Spain and one in Bretagne France. Noth with the aim to run for days. Both the local authorities didn't want to close down that easily. Not sure the reasons why. I felt like: WTF.... Why wasn't I aware of these and why was I and still am at home?

EDIT: just checked the records of Miss Efemby she has on Spotify. Not music I would run away from, but not my style of techno. Well, may the style is till ok, but I find her tracks a bit 'flat', 'straight' as I call it, not to much tension build into it. That said, I shall also listen to set recordings, since I more often don't like the tracks of an artists while I do like the DJ gigs.

Sounds good even if it's not my sort of thing. I'd be interested to learn how you make music. I'm trying to get more into the production side to improve my own recordings.

Have a great 2021!


Thanks a lot mate! Yeah you're more of an acoustic man but nothing to say the two can't mix. I've done a few tracks with wav Dr and Bonnie legion and also atomcollector which merged guitar and dnb that might be up your street more!

Maybe I will do some more production videos in 2021. I did a couple in 2019 but there wasn't too much demand. Food for thought anyway!

One of my favourite tracks from that album! Happy to see that it received the right support :)

Thank you little sister and love the artwork you provided for the whole EP! Wasn't expecting it to receive this much support so very grateful 😊

It was my pleasure doing the work and always provide the best for my little brother 💪🏻💪🏻

They are amazing! Thank you! Looking forward to getting more awesome artwork in 2021 😊

Cant listen to it, but im sure its good, im always sort of late to catch on the new year vibe, I'm still here trying absorb it, embrace it, feel it.
However , happy new year to you, I hope your goals are met

Ah, might be because of Spotify - here's the release on YouTube (hope you can see this one - tried grabbing the link from YouTube mobile app)

Yeah I am starting to feel really "New Yeary" now (don't know how else to describe it really haha)! Feels pretty good once you embrace it, optimism and hope I guess!

Have a great 2021 too man 💪

Yah, I love it Nicky, just what I needed to hear right now, me and my girls had a proper stomp in the truck listening to it. And yes you did capture those emotions quite well, the end of an era indeed, but the beginning of something quite magical. Hope to get to see you play this live one day xxxxxxx

Thank you Aishlinn! Really pleased you like this one and it got the party going in the truck! Maybe when things start opening up again - would be awesome to play this live!

Hope you have a great 2021 💙

Can't beat a bit of trance to start the year! <3

Woohoo! Yeah, why not have a digital rave to start the year! Hope you and the bullies had a good one C!

It is very easy to determine if I like this music. It's just that at some point I find myself moving to the beat of the music. It's enough. Sumptuously!!!!

Thanks a lot man - really pleased you like it! New one coming in a couple of weeks 😁

I like this one

Thanks a lot man! Appreciate the listen and glad you like it!

Very good and Happy New year all of you

Thank you for listening and wish you a great 2021 too!

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