Lucky Star - Rising Star Game appreciation - Madonna!

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Madonna - Disco and Dance

Glad to get inspired by Rising Star Game for a DanceWeekend and early DiscoTuesday post - simply as @foxon was winning two prizes in a row during the great Atomcollector Live show just now! Well done!

All folks here in the music community should consider joining this Game - it is not only fun and around music but also supports musicians, check it out and ask me for any questions.

Thanks to the guys that created this game btw @risingstargame

Back to the artist

Madonna was a hero in my early years of music listening, the time I grew up and had first interest in girls - hence I found her first album also called Madonna - also loved the music - well produced, nice tunes - this first album had three songs I consider to be still dancefloor fillers nowadays - apart from Lucky Star of course what you can see here:



Join me and become also a superstar.

If you like to become a star like Madonna please oin the Music Game:

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Thanks so much, also for the Beer

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