Dance Party - Where is the Engagement on Hive? Anyone in for some engagement fun?

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Fun initiatives around music are not popular anymore

Or better, they never been, nor on Steemit, nor on Hive. One of the first music tags created on the chain called Steem that days used to be #DanceWeekend. There were a lot posts every weekend around Dance, covering Techno, House, Trance, Rap, Disco but also traditonal styles such as Rumba, Samba, Tango. Some posts aimed at Party mood, some were around history, backgrounds - today I want to start a new Dance Weekend "Back in Time" approach and ask all of the music enthusiasts that actually read this to contribute in the comments throughout the weekend with their party music they would love to dance to now in a club - hope we get more than just 3 comments with actual sounds and a bit of content around your selected party sounds.

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.33.42.png

Comment and Have Fun

If you expect high votes or Hive / HBD prizes to do so I have to disappoint you - but if you love music and engagement you might benefit from engaging in the long run - especially in the music community as far as I heard.

My top 7 music sounds tonight are coming your way - all from Europe (above and below)

please note that this post will be updated with great commented submissions throughout the weekend

Please comment your favourite songs (with video / sound link or not) and see below some of the historic Danceweekend evenings - most i could not find anymore. We need you @andyjaypowell @reiseamateur @twinner @homeartpictures @mammasitta @edje @uwelang @ylich @cubapl

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.19.41.png

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.19.21.png

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.19.14.png

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.18.58.png

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.12.22.png

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.12.36.png

Screen Shot 20210214 at 00.12.09.png


Hey Uwe. Last few months, well 4 or 5, I've been around a lot with my engagement starters in the music section of HIVE, been to all sort of corners at HIVE where people live with an interest in music. What I noticed is, when I pick up the conversation with some to the point and (mostly funny) comments and add a few questions, users start to respond. Not all, but many. Sooooo many users with an interest in music around, for sure not all in the community here. When you like action, you have to seek the action :)

Most of the users you invite in the post are not really active in HIVE, as far as I know. But there are loads of others who are. I can advise you to run through the #music tag for a week or so to get an idea of what all is out there and get some action going. When HIVE doesn't come to you, you go the HIVE, that's the only way it works.

Also, I invite you to jump on this one: Looking out for your contribution :)

Thanks for your feedback. I am guilty for not enough engagement as well. You do a fab job here with all your comments. My time on the chain is still not enough, i curate a lot but there is a lot to improve indeed. Thanks on the hint with inactive ones. I do watch the #music tag regularly but you are better.

Jumped on your posts already and at least send you some more powerful users to vote :-).

Hahahaha, was not waiting for more votes, but I was trying to get you jump on this challenge which in the end is not a real challenge {LOL} Just a post with a reaction to the music I shared, some track you like to share and some personal touch to it. That's all :)

It's very powerful this Challenge Not Challenge: Spread the Vibe. Did you notice the pump on HIVE this afternoon? I don't believe in coincidences {LOL}

I am not such an expert in dance music, although I can listen to it, as to any other genre :)

From this selection, definitely my favourite is Safri Duo.

And I will bring here then an acustic version and after that the official version of Hypnotized (Disco Purple Machine, Sophie and the Giants)

About engagement, generally it is low but there are some super engagers and that is contagious hahaha :)

I try to engage in Music community as well, as much as I can, commenting, encouraging if I like something. At the moment I find so much fun in hive...I hope I can say the same when some years passes 😜

I am not such an expert in dance music, although I can listen to it, as to any other genre :)

You dont have to. You can always dance to it 🤣 💃🎶🕺

🤣 🤣

Ok, I am prepared, give us now some music to dance :)

Need to sit for a little while before I'll bring something forward :) But if you indeed like to get the invite, be prepared for a deep dive.

be prepared for a deep dive.



I got it, my turn now 🎬

That is lovely, thx a lot - time is often an issue with angaging on my end - too many things to be done simultaneously. Interesting selection.

Oh yes, the time is a tricky one. However, multitasking may be the solution.

Almost an expert here in that... just, sometimes when I play the piano, and cook, reply to messages and talk to my family, it can end with a burnt lunch....sometimes :D

This one is Definitely not European

Does not matter - thanks for engaging - i failed :-)

I really should be more active again pfffff

Yes yes please

Its been a crazy year

oh yes indeed, for many of us - I followed you mainly on Instagram and Appics these days.

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