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Friends from Lisbon asked me to present their new project here and to do some advertising, which I like to do.
The band himself is responsible for the following text.
( Freunde aus Lissabon haben mich gebeten, hier ihr neues Projekt vorzustellen und ein wenig Werbung dafür zu machen, was ich gerne tue. Die Band selbst, ist für den folgenden Text verantwortlich.)

We have long felt the need to bring these four longtime friends together in a sincere and authentic project, but it wasn´t easy. After several attempts due to the lack of time occupied by our lives, we managed to schedule the first rehearsal.
Already with some ideas for riffs, it didn't take thirty minutes to put the locomotive into action and realize that there was potential and complicity between us all, but what caught everyone's attention the most, was the amount of spontaneous ideas that came up right after the first meeting.
The desire to create and without any obligation of a defined style, doors were opened to the world, our world, where the different musical influences of the members were clear, but where they could come together and combine perfectly, where without prejudice we could go from punk to dub, as from hardcore to whatever we like ... without limits, without barriers, nor borders ...
But since the beginning there was always a concern, a common decision even before the first rehearsal, as it should be, the lyrics of the songs with social criticism, with concern for the world in which we live and where we´re heading.

On the 23rd of October, the single "No More" was released, which anticipated the release of the first EP by ROSA SPARKS with the title "Social Distancing" and which will be available in its entirety on the 4th of December.

"No More" puts in perspective the pandemic period where existing social inequalities have worsened, making it difficult or even preventing access to work, food, health or decent housing for a large fringe of the population, some having even lost their jobs and / or income.
The "social distance" that we must maintain in order to halt the spread of the virus is also paradoxically synonymous with a greater cleavage between classes. In view of the lack of substantive measures on the part of the political power to properly support the needs of the populations,
"No More" is a cry of revolt against the phrases that are insistently broadcasted on television channels that, "Everything will be fine..."

On the 6th of November, the 2nd track of the Ep was released, "Silence" is a song that talks about the negative side of technology, the distancing between people, the virtual relationships often built on false assumptions, loneliness, the search for true friendship and the general apathy towards injustice and the pulse of the Real world.

On the 20th of November the 3rd track, "It´s Time", was launched. The theme addresses the challenges that day-to-day poses to us. The pressure imposed on us either by our social duties, work or family relationships often leads us to phases of unhappiness and alienation from what is really important in our path.
It is a theme that urges us to search for happiness, to rethink what is really important for us, remembering that we are always in time to make the necessary change to be happy.
On December 4th, “Pay” is released, the 4th and final theme of ROSA SPARKS's debut EP called “Social Distancing”.

"Pay" speaks of the irresponsibility that permeates the world of politics. The irresponsibility of decision-makers who, through their words and actions, have an extremely negative impact on the lives of millions of people.
The coldness and blindness that guide those who are in politics for careerism and in search of maximizing gains and power.
However, it reminds us that all actions also have consequences for those who practice them.

ROSA SPARKS are a band from the Greater Lisbon area that brings together four longtime friends.
The collective's sound is diversified although it has rock as its guiding thread, it also lends itself to forays into various styles: punk, hardcore, dub, or even more jazz or funk sounds. The lyrics are guided by an interventionist stance of social criticism.

The members are: Frederico Oliveira (Freddy Locks, Vibration Matters, 20 Pás 8), Ricardo Barriga (Boca Doce, Trisonte, Primitive Reason, Peste e Sida), Ricardo Delgado (Sick Sick Six, M.A.D., Oink Oink Band) and João Ingram ( Crise Total, Zootic, Albert Fish, Sick Sick Six).

“Our name was inspired by Rosa Parks, a civil rights activist in the USA. Contemporary and fighting companion of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, she became known for "stompingher foot" and not giving way to a white passenger on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, when the "Apartheid" system was still in force in that country, contributing thus to trigger the struggle for civil rights and racial equality.
The reference and homage we pay her is also in the sense that the memory of her activism should be the spark that inspires other Roses to rise to the necessary fight for the World to which we are entitled here and now. ”

Rosa Sparks MGMT

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