Tchaikovsky : Russian Dance Trepak from The Nutcracker

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Do you know that feeling when you pile up things you need to do, or that you wanted to do and you never do them? When you feel the responsibility, but, alas, something else is always more important. That is now my situation. I have been carrying one load on my back for a couple of months now, since November. I know exactly the day since (24 of November if anyone wanted to ask). Now you're going to tell me I'm crazy to think about it at all, or I consider it an obligation that I should do. But yes, I can't forget it.

This post will not turn into a rant and complain post, so let's move on to a specific case. I said I would prepare and publish a composition by Tchaikovsky, the favourite composer of one hive user. We barely exchanged a few short messages, but the last one was:

Mipiano: I will see if I can prepare something by Tchaikovsky

Balticbadger: 🤩🤩🤩 exciting!!

And, I found a great composition by that composer and I practised but was not good...I still practised, and it was still not good. Then at one moment, it was good, finally. I played so many times I learned it by heart but what happened that I didn't record it and publish it? I played it faster before and with more ease. I don't really remember, but the thing is that:

-It is again not so good

-I am afraid my carpal tunnel syndrome is back but I still can play.

I wanted to record it, even it is not in the best shape now and even balticbadger is not anymore active on the platform, as I don't know if my hands would allow me to do it in some days or weeks. A few years ago I had the same thing for some months :( I have done the nerve conduction velocity test in the hospital. So they placed a small electrode on my skin near my elbow which was sending a mild electrical current down to my median nerve. They measured the velocity of that current, some numbers went there up and down, I didn't understand a lot. But what I did understand is that at the end the doctor said it is still in a halfway phase, but I better change my profession. Hahaha, no way. Piano playing is a part of me. 💙

Then, back in those days the syndromes slowly faded away. I was at least three years free of that and I hope it will happen again that way. Just patience and without panic. :)

So here comes that Tchaikovsky piece. I made a difficult choice, it was not an easy piece. The most I had to practice the middle part, as I always had mistakes in the left-hand melody line. And the endings of the phrases in the first and last section, I always messed up.
Trepak, the piece in question, is one of the character dances from the ballet The Nutcracker. It is based on traditional Russian dance. The composer, as I already mentioned is Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky.

You are listening to your own responsibility. Any hearing damage will not be covered by my health insurance :D So, turn a bit down the volume, in this heavy-metal style classical composition.
I would say before that it is happy and so cheerful...but it is just a bit more than that.

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Thank you 💞 @ewkaw & @qurator team


I owed a recording of a song to @d-vine since May last year, and only recorded it this week hahaha, so I know how you feel about being behind in term of workload...

At 00:53 what happened? 😁 Jazzy syncopation...

Very funny @edprivat , jazzy syncopation 🙄

🤣 just kidding, oh, there were more of them haha, contemporary chords, free-style added notes etc 😂

I wanted to record it and finish the story in my head, to move forward, towards that collaboration with one awesome musician who makes excellent covers on requests... do you know him?

Ah, I could listen to you play all day. Beautiful rendition of Tchaikovsky's great classic.

Besos y abrazos querida hermana 🤗💚

A little bit of everything hehehe, now classical had to come. This is a piece I wanted to publish time ago, and had it in my to do list... there are still some other songs that are pending, and a new one will be done hopefully :)

Thank you dear for listening to me 😘

@mipiano wow, I've never heard this piece before hehe, it's super fast and moving! It looks quite complicated, admirable!
I hope you can be at peace and that your hands can work well so you can keep playing the piano, some musicians always suffer from some physical impediment that makes us play with less dexterity but I know you are a great pianist and that will never change, just focus on enjoying the music and if at some point you have to slow down a bit your intensity when playing do it to take care of your hands <3 I usually get very tired when playing guitar, I have wear and tear in both shoulders and that sometimes makes it difficult for me to play for a long time and my left arm tendons sometimes get inflamed, but although I no longer play with the same skill and intensity I try to enjoy to the fullest what I do, it was for this reason that one day I became interested in music production, music thousands of ways to enjoy, dear friend I really hope that your hands can always be in good condition to play your piano, greetings and a big hug from Venezuela!

Thank you @jaredkhamanah for this detailed comment, I appreciate your time.
Yes, the jumps were challenging, haha and the reflex has to be very fast to reach everything.

I hope this it will pass, although this morning the feeling in my arms and fingers is worse than yesterday...I dont know, it changes. But I am still optimistic as I hope that it will go away hahaha, maybe by itself, maybe with some help, we will see.

A very good friend of mine had to stop with her piano studies as she had some serious nerve injuriy in her shoulders when we were studying. She then went to another modality and works as a secretary in the university now, what is not bad :D When my doctor said I should change my profession, I almost responded him that he should change his profession if he can not help me ;)
Luckily, the symptoms faded away completely last time. So I hope for this time too :)

it was for this reason that one day I became interested in music production, music thousands of ways to enjoy

This is a very good attitude and way of thinking. We can enjoy in many ways in music, so production is a good option for people too. But I see, you have still a lot to offer, so looking forward to your playing-singing-production combination of posts.

Have a great day and weekend 👋

@mipiano, you should at least rest your hands for a week friend, you have to take care of your health and your hands.... Possibly a doctor can send you some gentle exercises for it and some treatment, I have heard that some ointments with heat are useful for that, even for the tendons, some time ago I was sent therapies I placed a muscle relaxant cream and that was also for injuries and I placed hot light near the arm for the ointment to penetrate and take effect, that I placed it for 5 to 8 min maximum! You can ask if a doctor can help you, greetings!

Espero que tu seas la maestra de piano de mis futuros hijos (10 años tal vez)
Desde qué edad estaría bien para tocar como tú?

Pd. Esta música me hace pensar en el cine mudo.

Pd2. Este túnel carpiano se puede tratar con hielo? Creo que sería imposible para un músico no tocar nada de música, así sienta mucho dolor. No hay peor dolor que el del alma. Aguante a las muñecas de mipiano!!