New Single 'At Dusk' Released Today On Circle Of Death Records

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Greetings Hive!!!!

Today my new guitar instrumental At Dusk was released through Circle Of Death Records. The artwork for the track was made from a photo taken on my phone from the end of my private road in Taos county NM. Take a listen to the track now on Spotify!!!

Click here to listen on Spotify!!!

You can also visit my website to see where else it is available, follow link below that says "click here to download songs from Morktra"!
My next single Bird Of Superstition will be out April 30th!

Check out this performance of the new track on YouTube and LBRY


Check out the Circle Of Death and Morktra 2019 and 2020 Singles Playlist

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You might not believe it when you watch the music i made and posted .
But your , At Dusk , performance is something i like very much .

Then again , i can only punch holes in a virtual piano-roll and run that true all kinds of sound generating programs ,.. where's you got some life skills playing actual instruments . I wonder why this is not on trending ,... i guess the curators don't like it and go for anyone that dares to sing to a mic in a bad recording setting .

P.S. i didn't comment to lure one to my content , please don't it's nothing compared to At Dusk ,.. I just want some engagement to start rolling about music on Hive ,... good music . ;-)

Thank you!
I'm glad you like and enjoy the tune. I have no clue about what the curators like, but I do know there are quite a few really talented musicians on Hive. Some get the love and some don't :/
That's just how life is, I still play at this age because I enjoy it, kinda like an addict enjoys their addiction...
Again thank you for the wonderful comment 🤘

Well keep enjoying and sharing it ;-)


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