Guitar/ Synth Looper Jam From April 18 2021

in Music2 months ago

mq1 (4).jpg

Greetings Hive!!!

Here's another jam I put together yesterday with my synth, guitar, and looper. I progressed slowly from gentle guitar riff to use my Korg MicroStation to fill in a base and melody line and finally a percussion part, then to just noodle away with my hollowbody. I hope you enjoy!!!❤️



Nice. I have been thinking I should put my looper after the mixer so I can loop things other than the guitar. Just need to rearrange some cables. May need more long ones.


Thanks man! and thanks for the 🍕
That's what I do. I don't know if you can see my little Yamaha mixer sitting on top of the line 6 amp behind me, but I have everything running through that except my vocals. I could run my vocals and use the same effects, maybe I should try that at some point?
Peace brotha ❤️

I like the idea of looping some vocals. Not that I'm a great singer. I need to play around more with this stuff. It's a case of all the gear and no idea ;)


I've seen video of Damien Rice doing it in a live show... it's pretty neat. Using a mixer up front kinda opens it up to what's possible.

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