Cover of Blackfield's "Far Away"

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Greetings Hive!!!

I'm back again with this cover song I just recently learned. I started listening to this band just this year, but they have been around since the early 2ooo's, with their first release being around 2004. Blackfield is a collaboration between the founder of Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, and Israeli pop star Aviv Geffen. They are still going and just released a new album last year. This particular track is from 2011's "Welcome To My DNA". I found them by listening to suggestions to add to my main Spotify playlist you can find and listen to by clicking HERE. Their music is like most of my taste, filled with melancholy. This particular song brought me to tears when I first heard it because it almost seems like they wrote it about my life. Being an adoptee and growing up the black sheep simply because I was adopted because most of my family did not really accept me. I would hear from my mother how some of my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc. did not consider me family because I was not blood related... Terrible I know but they were old fashioned and dare I say backwards. In life I've always moved around, never settling like many for too long and it has caused me to feel disconnected from the world. This song really codified that for me. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, enjoy the song!



Nice version.

Sounds like you have a tough start in life. I consider myself very lucky. Maybe that is behind the sort of songs we write.

I like the stuff from Blackfield that I've heard. I am a big fan of Steven Wilson and he writes some very emotional songs.


Thanks man!

Thankfully I was raised by two great people, but my dad's family, even though they were ignorant, were as good as they could be but had backwards ideas. I'm very thankful my father left Mississippi and travelled, it gave him a bit more wisdom.

Definitely he does write emotive songs. I've listened to more Porcupine Tree than any of his other projects.

Thanks for the 🍕



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You sang and played very pleasantly. The song is gentle and you brought it nicely. It was nice for me and my children.
All the best from @photo-master

Thank you!!!
Very happy you and the kids enjoyed 🤘

Definitely an interesting song with those lyrics. I truly enjoyed.

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it. They have a lot of really interesting music 👍