Cover Art For Upcoming Single - My Love My Pain

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My Love My  Pain Cover Art.jpg

Greetings Hive!!!

On May 28 a new single titled My Love My Pain will be released. In this post I'm previewing the cover art to you and also showing the different stages of editing from snapping the photo in the forest using my phone to the above cover art for the release.

This is the original, unedited photo, that was actually a selfie took with my phone, a Moto Z4

Forest Spirit.jpeg
Using the editor on my phone, I made the pic have a dark, depressing, and eerie sort of feel to it.

My Love My  Pain.jpg
Once the photo was on my laptop, I used GIMP to edit the photo and applied a cartoon, oilify, and apply lens filters, as well I cropped it to make it as close to square as possible since cover art needs to be square.

Finally, I added the artist name and song title as the final cover art came into existence🤘

Presave Now!!!

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We have both learned that love and be suffering and pain. Particularly when there is loss and death. Enjoyed the frame by frame process of art. Blessings.

That we do my friend, thank you ❤️

Looks cool

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Thanks 👍

nice to meet you gif.gif