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Happy New Year, listeners!

What's new? I've been away for the holidays and lack of time, but I haven't looked at the ceiling the whole time. Today I bring you a composition that I started on December 25th and finished a few days ago.

I had no idea what to call this theme. But, after so much work on it, the answer came by itself. And with the name more ideas came up.

I imagined that someone was dying. A traffic accident, a long life, cancer, flu... anything could have ended that human life. And after dying, the gates of heaven open, the angels welcome the little human soul with sacred songs; but suddenly the angels cry out and run in terror. A great hand appears among the clouds and pushes the little soul toward a dark abyss. Unfortunately, it was not pure.

In the darkness of the abyss a door opens. On the other side: the true hell.

So this theme begins, accompanied by simple chords from the second bar to the ninth:

Fm + C# + D# + Fm

Fm + Fm + C# + Cm

Behind the door no angels await, but little demons that laugh and shout for pleasure.

This second musical motif consists of the following chords:

Fm + C# + CmMaj7 + C# + C# + Cm

After hearing it a million times, I wrote this chorus:

Welcome to the real hell
where you will burn forever.
Say goodbay to your being
you will be lost forever.

I confess that I sang and recorded this chorus, I passed it through Fl Studio and I spent a whole night mixing voices. I was happy to discover that the lyrics fit perfectly with the melody. But in the end I didn't like it, I left the recording as an experiment and erased one night's work. I preferred to put the lyrics here and on the video.

After that musical motif comes another one. The one I appreciate the most because it makes me think of a bunch of human souls burning for all eternity. It is composed of the following chords:

Fm + CmMaj7 + C# +Fm

These last two musical motifs are heard from bar 9 to bar 40.

Then comes a rest, nothing impressive, which goes from bar 41 to 48:

Fm + C# + Cm

Then, a ray of hope in the midst of darkness:

Fm + D# + C# Fm

The angels appear again; but everything is an illusion...

At the end, the second and third musical motif is repeated, there is a short rest, a desperate cry and, to culminate, millions of human souls continue to burn forever and ever.


This is the theme I have brought to you, composed on the minor scale of FA. It is something that anyone with basic knowledge could do, I know. But I really enjoyed your composition (if you want to hear it and skip everything I'll explain below, go to the end of the publication).


Two effects, one purpose:

Before the bass drum and the box enter the stage, there is an effect of a door opening. It was perfect for what I wanted to express.

This effect is called Door Creaking. I downloaded it from and it belongs to the user zappo.

At the end of the instrument there is a voice that screams. This effect is of my authorship, recorded with my cell phone and edited and mixed in FLStudio. I think it looks great too. Because I wanted to convey the pain of the little soul as it burns. And nothing better than a scream to express suffering.


The instruments and the equalization:

It all started by trying out chords that fit the minor scale of FA. As always, I do this using the piano of some VST.

This way I ended up composing with the Emerald Blues preset, one of the modules available in the TruePianos VST plugin. I tuned it a little bit. I played here and there with the reverb. And I got the sound I was looking for. Then came the melody. And one thing produced the other, like a chain reaction.


I liked it so much that I only used the Parametric EQ2 and a little bit of Reverb when I equalized it.


Then I used Sakura DoubleBass, a VST plugin that comes by default with FLStudio.


I confess that I always liked this instrument. The sound it produces makes me think of history and desolation, as if the past was nothing more than a empty place. And this time, I love the contrast it generates during the third melodic motif of the song.

When equalizing I used the iZotope Ozone 5. In addition to the Parametric EQ2.


The voices of the little demons come from the Gospel Choir Hum preset, which belongs to the SampleTank3, a very practical VST plugin.


I equalized them with the Parametric EQ2 and the Fruity Reverb 2.


When I had to face the bass I didn't make much effort and I resorted to the VST Trilogy plugin. Here I chose the preset 6 string Ballad Full Range B. Then I equalized with Parametric EQ2 and compressed the result with Maximus, both integrated VST'S from FLStudio.



In the end only the bass drum and the box were left. I chose what was in a library that also brings FLStudio and I liked the result. Then I equalized hit hats, kicks, snares. Everything separately.



After equalizing each instrument, I put everything together, graduated the volume of each one and added another Parametric EQ2 to finish the mix.


Do you remember what I said about the choir I wrote and recorded?

Well, here I left you a screenshot so you have an idea of how it went.



The result:

I have been left with a satisfactory fatigue from all this. Really.

It has been hard for me to put into words what I thought of the process and to explain the process itself. I hope I haven't confused you.

It only remains to clarify that I was thinking of uploading the video to 3Speak, as recommended by @edje. But I decided not to do it. I also want to reach the public from Youtube.

Without further ado, this is the topic:

Thanks for reading, listening and supporting.
See you next time.


The image used at the beginning of this publication and in the video uploaded to Youtube,
was modified with Photoshop CS6 and belongs to Chris Barbalis,
photographer of

The video was edited with Shotcut, a free video editor.
The music was composed and created in FLStudio 20.
All screenshots are from my computer.


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