Music I love, temita, siento morir entre mi ser (Temita, I feel dying among my being)

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Hola queridos amigos, aquí les comparto un temita que habla del perdón que le pedimos siempre a Dios por nuestros errores y por medio de la música nos comunicamos con el

Hello dear friends, here I share a cover of this song, which talks about the forgiveness that we always ask God for our mistakes and through music we communicate with him

siento morir
Siento morir entre mi ser
Se apaga mi luz se llena
De temor, una ves mas
Me a lejado de el, he traicionado
Su amor por el mundano placer.

Mi vida es una barca a la deriva
Donde no veo ya el faro de tu luz,
Estoy navegado en otros mares
Donde no brilla ya tu sol.
Perdoname señor, perdónameee.

Quiero volver a llenarme de ti
Sálvame, liberarme, arráncame del
Pecado, transformarme, limpiame
Adueñate de mí, señor.

Siento tristeza al pensar en lo
Que diste por mi en aquella cruz
Nunca es sabido responderte con un si
De verdad con un si para siempre

He sido como el viendo que va y viene
No encuentro tu luz se apaga mi ser
Estoy navegando en otros mares
Donde no brilla ya tu sol
Personame señor perdónameee.


letra en ingles

sorry to die

I feel like dying between my being My light goes out, it fills up Of fear, one more time I have been away from him, I have betrayed His love of worldly pleasure. My life is a boat adrift Where I no longer see the beacon of your light, I am sailed on other mares Where your sun no longer shines. Forgive me sir, forgive me. ** chorus ** I want to fill myself with you again Save me, set me free, tear me from the Sin, transform me, cleanse me Own me, sir.

I feel sad when I think about what That you gave for me on that cross It is never known to answer you with a yes Really with a yes forever I've been like watching it come and go I can't find your light, my being turns off I am sailing on other mares Where your sun no longer shines Person me sir forgive me.


espero que les guste, muchas gracias por su atención, un abrazo, bendiciones. 💋

I hope you like it, thank you very much for your attention, a hug, blessings. 💋


wow, excellent... would have be nice to put it on dtube as original. 🙃

Thanks baby. If that's where I'm going, what happens is that by the app I give the app. It doesn't allow me to upload it directly to dtube connected to hive. But I'm going to upload it like this and then I visit the hive x dtube here I hehe thanks my love.

may think about starting IPFS in general... it's the future and you have lots of more possibilities with that. Just saying. Big Hug!

Ah OK I didn't know about that page I'm going to see. Thank you very much baby a pleasure. Thank you for the support

Lovely lyrics. You are good artist of music. There is a large music Community here on Hive. You have come to the right place to engage with others.

Thanks, I always try to give my best and I'm working with my own projects to show them around here, little by little. Thanks for the support

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