Piano Progress: Week 5

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Another week of piano where in a new phase has started for me. It was time to pick up the lead sheets, and do some chord styling again making it more attractive to do different chord. This ofcourse compliments the practising of the chords which have been played before into some extra lesson.

New stuff to learn is always good. Some days I will only play stuf to enhance the skills, and other days I will try some new stuff, which I am noticing is costing me a lot of mental capacity. How sad this may sound hahahah


Lead Sheet

The idea with the lead sheets is that you play a chord with your left hand, and the right hand is playing the tune aside from it. This ofcourse came with practising the chords with the left hand, where I was already noticing how much trouble this gives me with playing three notes at the same time with the same amount of finger pressure.

The left hand skills are definitely lagging compared to the right hand skills and this will take up my attention for the next upcoming weeks for sure. I do think practise will help this, because it really is a matter of making you left hand more compatible.

Because of that the left hand is having so much trouble and is taking so much up from my attention, the right hand has issues with even playing a simple tune. The left and right half of the brain aren't working together as yet, and I hope we can make this a lot better over the upcoming weeks.


As you see here the chords are written above the lines as in Am7-F-C which is repeatly constantly, and still these switches I will be just be doing over the next couple of days I guess.

The lead tones are not that difficult as you see, but making it all work together is just extremely challenging for me at this moment. But challenging...ow well, we got another lockdown..so what

Chord styling part 2

In the other part of the curse I was learning how to making some different styles out of already familiar chords which are mostly with the rigth hand, and I am picking that up decently on to speed, with the ability to speed up a bit more when necessary.

I am happy with how this is going and in my Simply Piano app I have unlocked another bunch of songs to play and practise with.

The styles I have learned now are more Rock like (say the 'We will rock you'kind of theme) and a more 'ballad' style, how they call it. This balad style is to me not really a ballad but more of an option how you can break down your chords and use them.


Both of these courses haven unlocked again like 100 songs to play so I guess I will be doing that in the upcoming week. I have also started putting up some videos in my alt account @karinpics to see how the progress is going. Until now there is not much online as yet, so you can see how the disaster started in the first weeks hahahah.


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