Piano Progress: Week 4

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More piano thoughts from me! I am getting more enthusiastic by the week, but I don't always have the time. So what happened this week and where was my progression? And ofcourse... do I have the feeling that I am making enough progression for the time I am putting into it.?


For me the answer is surely a big, fat 'YES' at the moment. I enjoy playing the songs I have played before to play them again and see what the progress is compared to last time.

I think about two weeks ago I wrote that I was playing the piano man, which I was proud of. But now when I am playing it again it is almost effortlessly which really is cool to see. The amount of songs introduced in the 'essentials 3' course of the 'Simply Piano' app is just enough to really dig yourself into for a while before proceeding.

We also watched some Youtube movies about how you can make of chords in progressions to just fool around with. We also started playing with four hands just the same to see if we could hold some rhythm. Naturally this was more laughing than anything else in the beginning but turned out pretty cool!

Other songs I played where a lot of 'Alan Walker' songs which are upbeat dance songs like 'Faded' and 'Darkside' which also required a lot of hand switching so that was also perfect. Queen with 'somebody to love' dropped by as well as 'Bad guy' feom Billy Eilish.

It is cool how versatile type of music there is to play around with to improve the skills.



Now it was type for some new stuff, so started on classical music. This challenging for me because I am really not that familiar with all these songs, so I don't really know how it should sound like. A whole different ballgame I suppose.

So the songs I have started with are the Vivaldis Spring and the Minuet from Bach and the Sonate 11 from Mozart. All of these are the simple versions but it is good to start with.

Maybe this will be welcome on the world of classical music for me instead of techno and metal, who knows! Hahahha

On musescore you can find this sheetmusic and even listen to how it should sound on piano with how to play. An excellent website actually.


See I am playing a bit more of the simplified version of this, but still you can recognize it. So when you talk about are you happy with you progress..

When I am playing people recognize the songs. That is good enough for me to grind on!


You started playing just a few weeks ago? That looks like an enormous progression when you can play fluently already, as well as reading music! WOW!

Four hands? You are playing with somebody else? That must be a lot of fun :)

Exactly! Going from literally zero to this is honestly something to be proud of I find.

Gotta have something to do during those lockdowns right?

Gotta have something to do during those lockdowns right?

Absolutely! 😉

Going from literally zero to this is honestly something to be proud of I find.

Well, its not only you thinking the same. Though I don't know you, I feel a little proud for you! 🤩

hahahahah how sweet is that! Well it is cool when you try to learn something and it doesnt sound as if the dogs wants to howl from the noise :D

Always make sure, no dog is around 😉