Stolen Future — My original music video (Work for friend's rock-band)

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Hello friends! I want to present my work as video editor. My friend
Bjørn Haldorsen order from me music video for his rock song "Stolen Future".

This song tells about how the heads of state do not act for the good of the people. The purpose of this song is to show all the horrors of war and where it leads: refugees, deaths, destroyed families. So that we all understand how terrible it is and we must do everything possible to prevent a catastrophe.

This song has footage from the Second World War, the wars in Syria, Vietnam, Ukraine. As well as footage from real protests around the world and chronicles of refugees.

This video was worked on for a month. I reviewed many hours of various chronicles and saw many horrors of war and was very imbued with it.

We shooted original frames also, but in process the customer decided to abandon them in favor of footage from the chronicles.

As you see, this was a big project)


In general, my portfolio of video editors has been replenished with one more work.

Vocal/guitar: Jon Arne Lausteen
Vocal: Stine Fredriksen
Guitar/keyboard: Mike Kravets,
Drums: Tore Karlsen
Bass: Bjørn Haldorsen

Mixing/mastering: Skyborn Waves
Prodused by Mike Kravets and Bjørn Haldorsen
Video Editing by Artem Manzhos (aka: @gulia.peito)
Written by Bjørn Haldorsen


Dude, what a great job. I loved it! It is not easy to do this kind of work. I know... The song is also extraordinarily good. I really congratulate you. I have already joined the Youtube channel to follow more closely the work you do. Bravo! Hugs to you and the whole band. \m/

huge thanks for kind words! its warm my soul...

Great job on the video editing! I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find what you need and to piece it all together into one composition. I think you did a great job on the designs and everything else that went into making this music video! Thanks for sharing here in the community and keep up the great work! Bravo!

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Hi gulia.peito,

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Thank you @curie!

Congrats! Nice editing. Do you use public domain video chunks?

Hello. Thank you! Video from free photo-stocks and video free to use.

Thanks for the answer. I was curious because I often use public domain stuff for my videos, mostly from Internet Archive.

hmm... thank you so much! I dont know about this site!
Sometimes its a big problem to find what you really need on free photostock.
Me also helped such method: just write in youtube search "keyword+royalty free video footage". And can find a lot free to use videos!

So as I understood all on this site I can use for free and free copyright on YouTube?

Well, you can use the stuff, more or less free, but still, you need to check, some are under CC 1/2/3/ where you can't use for commercial purposes ... but it's the biggest free archive on the internet ... also ... if you use something, the work should be distributed with the same licence ...

Btw first frame with guitar and poster and news I draw by myself, just take free image of this room and TV with green screen. And draw what I want to see in this room.

the shot looks really good

Thanks BRO!