Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

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This song

Is currently my ten years old son's favorite tune. No, he doesn't know the meaning of the lyrics - yet.

It's one of my favorite songs too.

I love my son. I don't always like his taste for music yet this time he got it right :)

A musical version of the song.

How did he get to know the song? Several weeks ago we were at the concert of guitar class of the local music school. A girl named Meta played the song and I wrote about it in the article.

At the time I didn't realize that my son has likened the song so much.

Yet; I am reiterating the tune. I do have other songs on my mind that I want to share with you. Yet, this one stands out currently. It's on in my head when I wake up.

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War is bad! Any war is bad!

I still remain ...

Better and better


Saw your entry and then saw your post haha! Such an awesome song! Jude (my 10yr old) has grown up being subjected to my blaring music his entire life.... right from his cot - when I stayed in a bachelor flat and it was either "live in silence" or "adapt my son" - adapt my son it was haha... and am I ever glad I did! He has the most AMAZING appreciation for music now with an eclectic taste that competes with mine hehe. He knows ALL the best tunes and ALL the words... pretty amazing! !tip

Hey, thanks for your long answer and an interesting insight. Your son must be an expert in really good music :)

To answer you in the same way, our son Niko is being subjected by songs chosen by my wife's and mine eclectic taste. In the car's drive we have:

  • Abba,
  • Bee Gees,
  • Queen, of course,
  • Michael Bublé (his xmass album during skiing trips in Austria is a must),
  • Red Army choir,
  • various choirs singing partisan and resistance songs.

His current favorites, besides Green Day, are:

  • Memories by Maroon 5,
  • Old Town Road (yes, I know ...),
  • Over the rainbow By Iz.

Eclectic enough?

Have a great weekend!

Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!
He will thank you one day!


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