I scored Westworld with BBC Strings through Modular Synth and I'm rather into it.

in hive-193816 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Spitfire's Westworld scoring competition proved the perfect opportunity to put their introductory "Discover" series BBC Orchestral plugs to the test, so I employed them in both their natural disposition and processed them through my modular rig for more synthetic treatments appropriate for any self-respecting android escape. Caleb (Aaron Paul) enters this scene having taken a perception modifying sci-fi drug called Genre at the top and transitions into a different "genre" midway through ... giving me an opportunity to explore two wildly different dispositions on similar themes. Note the knod to the stunted horns that set the stage in the preceding scene before finally going full orchestral techno. Extreme bonus points if you catch the season one reference I tucked in.

Streaming live modular composition on Twitch:

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Wow ... awesome score - and an album!!

Fantastic work Drumoperator =D

Ah shit I missed it! Loved the first video and looks like you played it live?

Music and the blockchain are such a great match.

Thanks Zelle! Definitely did some brainstorming live and polished offline.