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Howdy Music peeps! Just a friendly reminder that you can purchase Beats using the JAHM Token, HIVE, BTC , ETH and more. But who is this for? This is for the vloggers, the cinematographers and on the musician side, freestylers, DJs, remix kings and more.

At some point, exclusive beats will be added but if you want it now, just send me a buzz. or dmilliz on discord.

The beats can be purchasers here:

I’d really like to see more places/ people accepting crypto and more people selling things for crypto because the way I see it, if we don’t create our own economy, we will always be a part of theirs.

Blessed Tuesday, almost Wednesday here in Japan. Have a great week!

Oh and one more thing! Check out my tunes. Especially my latest single titled “Bitcoin Times”.



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Hey, a small upvote is better than no upvote. We have a sayin in Jamaica "every mikkle makes a mukkle" meaning a little becomes a lot.

This is a classic Jamaican expression, and a very true one.

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Sexxxx Music Riddim! Yabai!🙉

HAHAH Yabai desu ne! I see you are in Tokyo! How is the "State of emergency" treating you?

Awesome, man, so much has happened when I was gone, really neat!
I was wondering if you would like to be our guest on sometime @dmilliz?

Hey ! Long time no see! Sure I'd love to! Just let me know when. I'll dive into some of the content to see what it's like.

Hey! That's awesome!! Contact me on Discord so we can chat about it :)
Discord Contact - D-VINE#9336

Super you progressed with your website. I agree with you: We need more websites accepting crypto's (though I'm not the target, I pay everything in fiat, but that is because I earn my money in fiat :)).

Did you think of providing a subscription to vloggers seeking for music for their vlogs? Subscription could be a monthly fee, receiving access to a sub-set of your work.

ps Do you realise the website is a little slow? I'm in Europe, maybe that is the reason, but even then, I suggest to look into this :)

But you earn hive? 😂 all major credit cards accepted as well.

That is something to think about, will have to learn to do that. But I'm thinking more exclusive beats for artistes.

Yeah it is, another thing to figure out. Once you've been on the site once though, it moves faster after. May need to upgrade plugins and tweak the theme.

Nice end slogan! And thanks for the feedback dude 🙏

Yep I earn some HIVE, but I don't spend it. I suppose I'm a HOLDer 😎