La ballata dell'amore cieco | Fabrizio De André | Cover by Dexpartacus

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Hey Buddies!!

I'm training at home with some self-produced song, if you know the great Italian singer Fabrizio De André, you will surely know this song, the lyrics are quite gloomy, while the musical part is contrary happy, absolutely brilliant choice in my opinion!

Unfortunately I've never learned to play any instrument, apart from the voice, which by many people is considered as such, so I made up for it by taking a base already recorded and I sang on it, interpreting it in my own way, which I could define as a bit obscure.

I'm really curious to know what you think about it and I await your opinions on it in the comments!.

I think that many of you won't understand anything about my words, so I've decided to translate it for you.

Ballad of blind love

An honest man, a good man

tralalalalla tralallalero

fell madly in love

of one who did not love him at all

She told him "Bring me tomorrow"

tralalalalla tralallalero

She told him "Bring me tomorrow

the heart of your mother for my dogs

He went to his mother and killed her

tralalalalla tralallalero

ripped the heart out

Aad from his love he returned

It was not the heart it was not the heart

tralalalalla tralallalero

that horror wasn't enough for her.

she wanted another proof of his blind love.

She told him "Love, if you love me"

tralalalalla tralallalero

She told him "Love if you love me

slit your wrists, cut your four veins

The veins in his wrists he cut himself

tralalalalla tralallalero

and as the blood gushed out of it

running wild to her again

She told him with a loud laugh

tralalalalla tralallalero

She told him with a loud laugh

"The last test will be your death"

And while the blood slowly came out

and he has now changed his color

vanity cold rejoiced

a man had killed himself because for his love

Outside the wind blew sweet

tralalalalla tralallalero

but she was seized with terror

when she saw him die happy

To die happy and in love

when she had nothing remained

not his love, not his good

but only the dried blood of his veins


Logo by @ran.koree

Thanks for watching and reading, a big hug and see you soon!


Mi sto allenando da casa con qualche canzone auto-prodotta, se amate il grande Fabrizio conoscerete sicuramente questa canzone, il testo è abbastanza tetro, mentre la parte musicale è contrariamente allegra, assolutamente geniale a mio modo di vedere!

Purtroppo non ho mai imparato a suonare nessuno strumento, a parte la voce, che da molti è considerato tale, quindi mi sono arrangiato prendendo una base già registrata e ci ho cantato sopra, interpretandola alla mia maniera, che potrei definire un po' oscura.

Sono proprio curioso di sapere cosa ne pensate e attendo le vostre opinioni a riguardo nei commenti!.

Grazie per aver letto e guardato, un grande abbraccio e a presto!

Gif by @doze

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Very upbeat, thanks for English words to read through while putting it to the music!

Thanks a lot! Much easier for non Italian speaker!😀✌️

Con quella voce puoi "scomporre" anche il "Girotondo". Secondo me hai ascoltato bene anche la "buonanima" di Demetrio Stratos. Vero?

Mi hai beccato!! 😀
Anni fa ho visto un documentario su di lui, mi ha sconvolto il modo di vedere il canto, ho provato ad applicare qualche tecnica al campo metal, ho preso anche qualche lezione...
Sono bello arrugginito però...😄