Riff of the week: Cherry Kiss by From Autumn To Ashes

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What's up, you cute bunch of troglodytes? It's been forever since I did a riff of the week, so I figured it was time I get off my ass and record some riffing. Decided to go back to my emo/hardcore roots and do the first few guitar riffs from the first post hardcore/emo band and song that I ever heard, Cherry Kiss by From Autumn To Ashes. Think I'm going to sit down and learn the rest of the track sometime in the near future, and do a good recording of it. But, until then, enjoy the little jam session, pussy. I'm off to lay in bed and feel like I've been dragged on a road for 3 hours from the small procedure I had done yesterday.

Until next time, doods.



Another one I don't know, but sounds fun to play. Nice heavy sound. I need to find some fresh tunes to play.

It's definitely fun to jam, most post hardcore/emo stuff from the 2000's are fun to play without being insanely hard. So, I've just been going back and learning a lot of older tunes from my teen years, since 90 percent of the modern stuff I listen to uses 7 or 8 string guitars where I can't even learn it anyways. Starting to feel like I should sell my 6 string and pick one up 🤔

I think I'll stick with 6 strings. That covers most stuff I am into.


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Ah the flashbacks to emo days

Those were the days. Low key though, a lot of emo music actually fucking bangs. Honestly kind of weird that most people just dropped the genre, especially when it influenced a lot of current modern music.